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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Deflating The Nuts: No Suit For Rummy

We paid less than no attention to this story when it broke last week, and mostly because no one was paying attention ot the details involved. Can we remember that dark day last week when news broke off of the Drudge Report that former Sec/Def Rumsfeld was looking at possible war crimes charges coming out of Germany? Allah does, and he has provided the screen captures from Drudge that day to make good ol' Matt eat his hat.

See, what Drudge didn't pick up on is that the Germans are the ones who would have to bring the charges against him. Apparently they're not going to do that. They've decided it's not a great idea. (Took 'em bloody long enough to debate this.) So the balloon the moonbats were hoping would keep getting bigger and bigger just got popped.

There will be no war crimes trial for former secretary Rumsfeld. Suck it up nutters, and chew on that. Again, the nutroots moonbats are denied their idea of justice. Of course this should be a learning experience for them. Just because you think a wrong has been committed doesn't mean that one's been committed.

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