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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Calls For Withdrawal Continue

The Democrats quietly campaigned on this issue during the midterms. John Murtha and Nancy Pelosi endorsed the idea. Now Barack Obama has finally found his footing, and has decided to take a stand on the issue. He wants us out of Iraq in six months:

Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, called this afternoon for troop withdrawal from Iraq starting next year and negotiations with Iran and Syria over the war-torn country's future.

In a speech sure to draw political fire, the Democrat told attendees of a Chicago Council on Global Affairs event downtown that withdrawal should begin in the next four to six months and that those soldiers should be moved to Afghanistan to focus on terrorist groups again gaining strength in that country.

Obama, who is considering a run for president in 2008, also advocated negotiating Iraq's future with neighboring Iran and Syria, an option President George Bush has rejected as he blames both countries for meddling in the U.S. effort to install a democratic government.

I really do hate to burst their bubble, but I doubt there will be a complete drawdown from Iraq, and to be honest, we are expecting an increase in troops over there; a hopefully decisive strategy to take out the terrorists over there once and for all. To continue these calls for withdrawal is foolish, at best; stupid at worst, and it is only fueling the nutter antiwar people even more. Of course, these are the same people whow won't lose sleep over leaving that nation to the wolves within its borders.

And if Obama is hoping this will make him look good for that presidential run, he'd better think again. Ian over at Hot Air cites a recent SurveyUSA poll that shows Sen. Obama losing badly against every Republican that he would be forced to run against. If Giuliani were the choice, Obama would take Illinois and DC, and Rudy takes the rest. Against McCain, the results are the same. He simply can't win. This could have a great deal to do witht he fact that unless you're a politico or a pundit, most people probably have never heard of Obama. That's the rub for Duncan Hunter, and Sam Brownback, of Kansas. The "big guns," vastly and literally, outgun people like Obama, Brownback, Hunter, Thompson, et al. Name recognition matters as much in a presidential race as the issues the candidates stand for.

If America has heard of you, you've got a better chance at winning. Just one of a host of reasons why my chances at the Oval Office equate to a snowball's chance in surviving in Hell. I'd have a better shot at being a Supreme Court justice, and even then the hopes aren't great. And calling for troop withdrawals in a war will hardly steel the public to believing you're the right man for the job, especially when your own party seems thoroughly divided over the issue itself. Which, anyone who has been watching the Democrats already since the election can clearly see that divide.

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