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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

From All Of Us ...

We are about to embark on a time of year that I have grown to dislike a great deal as I've grown older. The holiday season, which starts tomorrow, was always a cool thing when I was a kid. Duh! I knew we were about a month away from a big booty-haul thanks to Santa Claus. But, as you get older, the magic wears away. We discover that mom and dad are Santa, and "Santa" can only provide what his money can buy. This isn't some post about wallowing in misery because I don't get what I want. Years of being on your own will bring you wisdom if you're open to it. I had written off the holiday season a long time ago. Little or no family sort of does that you.

But in the last two years of my life I'm extremely thankful for a series of events that has literally changed my life. First, obviously, blogging has allowed me to touch others around the globe. We know this thanks to Site Tracker, and I can see all of our visitors and where they hail from. We have had visitors hit this site from as far away as China, Israel, and London. Never would I ever have imagined that my words--our words--would arrive in the hands of others int he world. As a writer, this is not only a point of pride, but one of humility.

Another thing I'm very, very thankful for is my wife. She has been more than a blessing in my life. She's been a godsend. Not only did she crack the armor around my heart, and "mellow me out," but she served as the perfect partner in my life. There isn't a reader to this site, or any one of our associates in real life or 'Net life, that would state that we are opposites. We are almost exactly alike in so many ways, which is why Sabrina stated that our union was in the hands of Providence. She said that it's so rare to see two soulmates actually get together, and she was happy to see that with us.

Sabrina is also a person I'm thankful for. Meeting her was a thrill, and her addition to the site was a smart move for all of us. Not only did we add her expertise in the legal field to our little lunatic bin, but she, like me, was humbled by the people who read her work. Fighting breast cancer this year took her away for a short period here on the site, but she is back now. Albeit, her role here in terms of writing is limited, but her input is here everyday. And I have to be thankful for the fact that she is someone Marcie can speak with. I'm a guy. I'm not perfectly fluent when it comes to women. I'm good, and know a bit more than I probably should, but without Sabrina in our lives, this union may have never occurred.

We're all thankful for the men and women serving abroad protecting this nation. One of those people, Marcie's brother, will be in our prayers again this year, and we hope that he remains as safe as he has.

And finally, we're thankful for you, our readers. Without you, we wouldn't be here. No one wants to go unnoticed in life, and while we may only have about 100 regular readers, or so (depending on links from others), we are here everyday giving the key events of the day, and our commentary. Thank you very much for your visitations here. They are greatly appreciated. And on behalf of Marcie and Sabrina, we wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.

Thomas AKA Publius II


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