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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Lebanese Minister Assassinated

This is the news of the day, and leave it to school to keep me away from the computer when this broke. Rather than run around the blogosphere, and reiterate what other, much better bloggers have already give in terms of information, I will simply point you in the direction of the following sites:

Little Green Footballs has the news story.

The boys from The Belmont Club have a running series of updates.

Allah @ Hot Air has a series of updates, as well, and he also has the video of Hezbollah blaming Israel for the assassination.

And, Michelle Malkin has information regarding the assassination, and a photo of Pierre Gamayel's car, which was the target of three gunmen who ambushed him..

I would like to add that this definitely smells of Hezbollah and Bashir Assad of Syria. Assad was behind the assassination of Rafik Hariri, and has been trying to topple the Lebanese government after the Cedar Revolution. And now he stands on the cusp of accomplishing it. With the death of Mr. Gamayel, the cabinet in Lebanon is barely able to maintain the 2/3's majority it needs to act. The death of one more minister will bring down the government, and Hezbollah's coup--a coup that Thomas and I speculated was not long off, and thoroughly initiated by Hezbollah during their war with Israel. We knew that something like this would come down eventually.

No one could make us believe that Syria was not involved in the troubles erupting in Lebanon. Dissatisfied with being ordered out of Lebanon, it was only a matter of time before Assad would act. And far be it from him to disappoint prognosticators like us.

Demonstrations are already breaking out across Lebanon, and here is a simple prediction for our readers. After carefully looking over the information regarding this assassination, and the current situation in Lebanon, Assad will attempt another assassination before the end of this year to bring down the Lebanese government. We have to remember that Mr. Gamayel was not the only one targeted today. Michel Faraoun was also targeted today, but escaped the same fate as Mr. Gamayel. Syria is denying any connection to the assassination.



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