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Friday, December 08, 2006

Around The Blogosphere: Rounding Up The Elites

It has been awhile since we posted a daily round-up. Things are a little slow for us today as we just finished our column that will hopefully be published onthe 16th. And I decided to take a break from studying to just cruise the 'sphere today, and pick up the hot topics being discussed.

First, we start with the "Emperor" himself who points out that the ISG completely missed the fact that in the Middle East, Iran is a threat that we should not be talking to. In addition, he links to a post from Regime Change Iran that Ahmadinejad is facing even more problems from his population. With their Ayatollah seemingly on his death bed, Ahmadinejad could be facing some of his own, far more serious problems very soon.


We move onto the "Emperor's" loyal assistant in Dean Barnett who provides and interesting and witty FAQ on the ISG. Dean seems to find a funnier punchline in the ISG than what they presented to the nation on Tuesday.


Next up, Captain Ed has the Congressional reaction ot the ISG report, and the international reaction to the report. And yes, ladies and gentlemen, only the ISG could strike out more than the "Mighty Casey." And between the president, the congress, nations abroad, and the blogosphere, the ISG is sitting with a big, fat "O-fer" (as in O for 4) at the plate of diplomacy.


Professor Glenn Reynolds has something for all of us Firefly fans out here. It seems that while the short-lived TV series is not making a comeback to TV, it is making a comeback on the Internet. It seems there will be an online game where you--yes you--can join the wide-open 'verse, and face the Alliance or Reavers just like Captain Mal Reynolds, and the crew of his ship Serenity. As Professor Reynolds says "Shiny;" Yes, but we would prefer a return to the series already.


Charles @ Little Green Footballs has the complete, up-to-date skinny on the terror plot broken up in Illinois. It seems that the suspect--one Derrick Shareef, AKA Talib Abu Salam Ibn Shareef--was planning to single-handidly carry out a bombing and a shooting in a Rockford, IL mall over the holidays. Does anyone know of a holiday these jihadists respect, and willnot commit violence on? Even their own Ramadan is out when it comes to waging jihad.


A host of sites around the 'sphere today are remembering Jeane Kirkpatrick, who died today at the age of 80. And Scott Johnson @ PowerLine puts together a simple but fitting tribute to America's "Iron Lady" who served as Ronald Reagan's United Nations ambassador. She was a brilliant and talented woman and diplomat, and she will sorely be missed by friends, family, and colleagues alike.


Michelle Malkin is still on the AP for their phony stories, and is not letting them off the hook over this Jamil Hussein character, who seems to be feeding stringers in Iraq false stories of things that just do not happen over there. In addition, the AP's indignation is reaching a fever-pitch as many within the dinosaur media have circled the wagaons in an attempt to run intereference for the AP. Pitiful and sad really, as these outlets just cannot get away with what they used to do. there are simply too many of us checking up on them daily.


While we are on the subject of the AP Allah @ Hot Air has the video of Mark Steyn's appearance on the O'Reilly Factor last night. Mark pulled no punches in going after the AP, and the dinosaur media in general, for their anti-Bush bias, and the Iraqi stringers anti-American bias. As always, Mark hits the nail on the head. Just click on the video to play, and sit back to watch the sparks fly.


Finally, for those who surf the 'sphere like we do, the nominees for the 2006 Weblog Awards (also known as the "Bloggies") are up. Feel free to go vote for your favorites. We did last night as the voting started. Two things: We are not endorsing anyone. Make your own choices. You know who we read regularly, and who gains the links from us. Secondly, no we are not nominated for anything. We doubt we ever will, and that is fine by us. We never set out to be recognized when we joined the blogosphere. We enjoy it when the recognition comes in the form of links, but with over sity million active blogs on the Internet, we are simply happy to be a part of it, and are quite content being where we are.



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