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Monday, December 04, 2006

BREAKING NEWS! John Bolton To Resign

Just picked this up from Allah @ Hot-Air, and he picked it up from a FOX News:

U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton has abandoned his quest to remain at the world body next year, sending formal notice to the White House that he will leave when his temporary appointment expires in the coming weeks.

The White House, which had been holding out hope for Bolton despite the writing on the wall, has been tight-lipped about any other possible candidates for the U.N. post. Deputy Amb. Alejandro Wolff is expected to fill in as acting ambassador until a nominee can be confirmed in the Senate. That won't be until January at the earliest.

At least one Democrat, Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida, threw in a familiar name to the Bush administration as a possible nominee.

"I would suggest (President Bush) consider Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Nicholas Burns," Nelson told FOX News.

"There are many qualified candidates from across the political spectrum with the respect and experience necessary to be effective in this crucial post," added Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass.He said a new nominee must be confirmed "with broad bipartisan support."

Bush is scheduled to meet with Bolton and his wife in the Oval Office later in the day Monday. It's unlikely he would suggest any replacements.at that event.

This is unexpected and unfortunate. John Bolton was a good man who was villified by those on the Left as some sort of "Darth Vader" with a bushy moustache. (Of course, the Cox and Forkum cartoon was rather brilliant considering the slime-ball attacks the Democrats leveled at him.) And Allah observes that his reces appointment is done as soon as this session of Congress ends, which could be as soon as the end of this week. And Allah also adds the following, which should make none of us feel good about this announcement:

Update: Drudge has a hot tip that George Mitchell is on the short list to replace Bolton. There’s nothing about it on the wires. First Rumsfeld is canned, then Mel “Amnesty” Martinez is nominated for RNC chair, and now allegedly he’s thinking of appointing a Democrat to the UN. He’s really embracing this bipartisan thing, huh?

Potential Machiavellian silver lining: maybe Bush has military plans for Iran and wants to trade on the international goodwill Mitchell earned from the Irish peace process when the attack eventually comes.

I really wish he had decided to stay on. We could have worked it our for him to stay and still receive his pay, but I think even he sees the writing on the wall. With the Baker Commission set to release their recommendations soon, and the president is already mulling over talks with Syria and Iran, I believe Mr. Bolton has seen that he would not receive the support he needed from the administration to effectively do his job. And I am sure he does not want a nother go-round in the Senate especially after this post-election trash from the Democrats, who were bolstered by outgoing-senator Lincoln Chafee's refusal to vote him out of committee to the Senate floor for his vote.

I will not comment on the speculation surrounding Mr. Mitchell. He has not yet been named,a nd I know little of him. (That happens when you are not born until 1987.) Any political crucifying I will leave to my husband. But this turn of events is not good at all. John Bolton's character at the United Nations will be sorely missed. It just might take awhile before the sensible heads realize that.



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