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Friday, December 01, 2006

Passing Thoughts Column Up

Scroll down for updates from Thursday and Friday; This will stay at the top of the page through Friday

Our new column is up at Common Conservative, sp please feel free to peruse the wisdom that stems from the Asylum--collaboratively--concerning the news events of the month that was..

And while you are there, please take a look at our editor's outstanding piece regarding why the Democrats MUST confirm John Bolton to his post at the United Nations.

And Vincent Fiore,/li> tackles Senator Reid and his serious ethics problem; at least someone is paying attention to him. The dinosaur media would rather ignore it.

Tom Adkins addresses the political landscape, politicians, voters, and the media, and asks a distinct and succinct question: What do they stand for?

OJ and Rubert Murdoch was on the mind of Larry Simoneaux this time around. He and his muse, Mudrock, discuss things, and it all starts with Mudrock wanting a trash compactor.

A book review is the focus of Chris Adamo's column. The book is David Limbaugh's "Bankrupt" which was a fine book, and Mr. Adamo does the book justice with a review and a reminder that yes, these are our Democrats today.

William John Hagan is rethinking the war strategy, and doing so in an intellectually-honest way; much like Thomas and I do in our posts concerning the war.

Please, visit Mr. Lindaman's site for some of the best and brightest in conservative thinkers. They may not be David Limbaughs, Mark Steyns, or Ann Coulters, but their opinions are no less important. It is, after all, a part of the ongoing debate we face each day in the realm of politics.



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