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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sifting Through The Report

The police report from the flying imam case,/li> is an interesting read. Nothing really jumps out that isn't already known through the reporting of this incident. The police corroborate the statements from the witnesses involved, and that the pilot had purposefully delayed take-off because of the note he was given from a flight attendant that stated these six men were acting suspiciously.

Plain and simple, folks, these guys exhibited all the behavior of a team instituting a dry run. Yesterday, Marcie picked up on Richard Miniter's piece. She cut-and-pasted the entire report for our readers to see without having to jump from one site to the PJM site. The description that was given by "Pauline," who is the woman Miniter interviewed, is virtually identical to the one in the police report.

The officers were called out because of the suspicious activity of six Middle Eastern men. These men had prayed before getting on the plane, had prayed when they boarded the plane, refused to talk to any passengers, had stood up and ventured to the back of the plane numerous times during the delay to speak with one another, and had been invoking the names of Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden. In addition, none of the men were sitting in the seats assigned to them. When they began boarding procedures for the jetliner--starting with first class--all six men boarded the plane then despite the fact that only two of them were sitting in first-class.

The thing I don't get is the seat belt extenders. I dislike having to correct my better half, but Marcie is incorrect. The seat belt extender is too light to wield as a weapon. True, it could be used to fend off one person for a very short time, but not a number of people, like a good majority of the passengers who could have taken all six men if push came to shove. In the police report there is no explanation offered regarding the extenders; a fact that makes us a bit more suspicious. I'm wondering if the police even bothered to ask, or if that was a question asked by the FBI agent that they called.

What is even more interesting is the IDs presented by the Imams. Faja, one of them spoken with directly by police, and is included in the report, stated that they were traveling to an imam meeting in Minneapolis, and were on their way back home to Phoenix. Faja stated they all lived in Phoenix, and were community leaders. Why does this raise an eyebrow?

--Marwan Sadeddin has an AZ ID card.
--Omar Shahin has an AZ drivers license.
--Didmar Faja has an AZ drivers license.
--Ahmed Shqeirat has an AZ drivers license.

But Mohammed Mitwally has a CA divers license, and Mahmoud Sulaiman has a NM drivers license. That may be nothing. Hell they might have moved their recently. (No offense, but I still haven't updated my drivers license in the past year, and we have moved since then. It's updated in the DMV records via the Internet, but we just haven't requested new drivers licenses yet. So it's a possibility that the other two might have moved to Phoenix recently.) I raise this point because the 11 September hijackers also had different IDs; some fake, others real.

I think the most irritating aspect of this is that these six men were released despite the fact that they disrupted a flight leaving Minneapolis for Phoenix. Marcie is correct on that, and there should have been charges filed. Granted, those charges would have been dropped quickly as soon as the lawyers were called in, but it could have given the feds time to run their stories again, looking for discrepencies. Witnesses stated that they were acting skittish. When the married couple cited by "Pauline" tried to engage one of them men, he refuised to look at them or speak to them, and nervously stood up and walked to the back of the plane.

Their behavior speaks volumes. If this wasn't a dry run, then these guys did this a set-up to be able to claim they were victims of some misperceived racism. Look, I don't care if they prayed before or after they boarded the plan. I'm scared to death of flying. I don't even turn on the light or the little fan above my head for fear I'm diverting much needed power to the plane. I simply don't like to fly. I pray before I get on board a plane, after we take-off, and after we land. No, I don't do it loudly, but Marcie has heard me when we're sitting next to each other. She's as calm as an untouched pool. I'm ready to climb the walls. So I'm not going to accept the prayer fact as noted suspicious behavior.

But I'm taking the other things into account. Anyone who's read the reports regarding the 11 September attacks knows that the hijackers had exhibited extremely suspicious behavior before they executed their attack. Eyewitness phone calls to loved ones and to authorities state this.

Personally speaking, I've got no problem with what the passengers did in response to the imam's behavior. Nor do I fault the airline for basically doing its job. And I find it most irritating that the imams are claiming they were discriminated against. The plane was almost full of passengers, and how the imams acted inconvenienced this flight. It delayed it by almost three-and-a-half hours. If anyone should have been upset, it should have been the passengers and flight crew. I dop hope the feds are following up on this though. It'd be interesting to see what else can be dug up by them.

Michelle Malkin picked up on the Robert Spencer piece from Jihad Watch about Omar Shahin. In addition to that story, where Shahin is claiming his victim status, is this one from Jihad Watch:

Omar Shahin is one of the imams removed from a flight in Minneapolis. He was involved with Kind Hearts, which has been closed down for its connections to Hamas. He also acknowledged a connection to Osama bin Laden in the 1990s in a September 28, 2001 story in the Arizona Republic (thanks to Austin): "Arizona Was Home to bin Laden 'Sleeper Cell,'" by Dennis Wagner and Tom Zoellner.

At the very least,m the feds should be keeping an eye on these six men, just based on their past connections. We know that men connected to terrorism rarely get up and walk away from it, never to return. Anyone who's read The Looming Tower can attest to that.

Breaking down the police report wasn't difficult, and like I said nothing really jumps out at you. The police report states what witnesses have said, with little if any variation.

Publius II


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