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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Keep Talking, Johnny: Kerry In Egypt Urges Administration To Speak With Iran And Syria

John Kerry--failed Democrat nominee for president in 2004--has once agian opened his mouth and inserted his foot. He has returned to his old, post-Vietnam playbook by telling a crowd that the United States NEEDS to talk to Iran and Syria:

U.S. Senator John Kerry, the Democratic candidate for the presidency in 2004, said on Thursday the U.S. administration should talk to Syria and Iran.

Kerry also told reporters in Cairo he believed U.S. policy in the Middle East was in trouble, partly because the United States had failed to listen to people in the region.

He cited Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's advice in 2002 that a U.S. invasion of Iraq would lead to disaster. "Frankly, more people should have listened to him," he said after talks with Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif.

"It's very important for countries to talk to each other, even when you disagree. We have serious differences with Syria right now, we have serious differencess with Iran, but you can't begin to resolve those differences if you're not willing to try to understand.. I think it's important to begin a discussion," said Kerry, a Massachusetts senator.

Kerry left the United States on Wednesday for a nine-day visit of the Middle East, including Iraq, and a meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, but not a visit to Iran.

Fellow Democratic senator Bill Nelson of Florida met Assad in Damascus on Wednesday and said he saw an opening for dialogue with Syria.

The story regarding Bill Nelson's visit to Syria was covered by Allah @ Hot-Air, and his assessment of the visit was not kind. "Useful idiot" came to mind when I saw the story, and that is precisely how Allah put it.

And I must question the motivations of both men, especially Senator Kerry, in speaking with Assad. Syria, to my knowledge, still remains on our s**t-list; they are an enemy. But John Kerry has had no problem meeting with our enemies as he has done it before. Just like it was done before to undermine the war's efforts, this, too, could end up occurring. NO united States official should be meeting with anyone in Syria or Iraq unless they are from the State Department, and acting on orders fromt he president. John Kerry's visit there is an affront to every soldier currently serving in the military, and it is insulting to the administration.

There is no doubt in my mind that this man goes beyond being an opportunist. His actions regarding our enemies border on treasonous. His comments in egypt are emboldening our enemies in Iraq and elsewhere, because they know there is a fifth-column in this nation doing its best to end this war on the sourest note for the United States. Antoehr retreat from the field of battle, which would go to reinforce Osama bin Laden's claim that we are nothing more than a paper tiger.

John Kerry is a disgrace to this nation, and I fault the yo-yo's in Massachusetts for allowing him to be elected again. This man needs to be handed his hat, and shown the door. He is just one of many reasons why Congress is as screwed up as it is. And his efforts to undermine the war will not be forgotten. The next time this poor fool is up for reelection, whoever is running against him had better hammer the point home that the junior senator from Massachusetts does not care about our troops in harm's way, continually insults them, and consorts with our enemies as if he is on some sort of twisted good will tour. What a POS.



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