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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Day Six Update: UN Cares, But Will Not Demand Sailors' Release

Not like anyone should be surprised, but the UN can only share their "concern" right now (and probably for the remainder of this crisis):

The UN Security Council has agreed a statement voicing "grave concern" at Iran's capture of 15 British sailors.

It also calls on Tehran to allow the UK consular access to the personnel.

The statement is a watered-down version as the UK wanted it to "deplore" Iran's detention of the Britons and call for their immediate release.

Are we going to debate over what words are used? This is not nearly as bad as the games going on in the House, but it does not help the situation at all. What is worse about this report is as you read further down, you see who led the opposition for a more strongly worded measure:

The UK failed to win support for a stronger statement deploring Iran's actions, following opposition led by Russia.

Iran's UN mission said in a statement: "This case can and should be settled through bilateral channels.

"The British government's attempt to engage third parties, including the Security Council, with this case is not helpful."

The statement was agreed following more than four hours of negotiations.

In full, it said: "Members of the Security Council expressed grave concern at the capture by the Revolutionary Guard and the continuing detention by the government of Iran of 15 United Kingdom naval personnel and appealed to the government of Iran to allow consular access in terms of the relevant international laws.

"Members of the Security Council support calls, including by the secretary general in his March 29 meeting with the Iranian foreign minister, for an early resolution of this problem including the release of the 15 UK personnel."

Gee, does Russia think that this is strong enough? Allah @ Hot Air notes that Russia's sudden change in demeanor towards Iran might have something to do with a little spoken of payment made by Iran that the Russians said they missed. The reactor is back to being worked on.

Great Britain must understand that they will get nowhere with negotiations for the sheer fact that what is wanted from Iran is the release of Iranians we have in custody. Secondly, anything that is asked for secondarily will carry too high a price down the road if Britain agrees to anything with Iran. Tony Blair cannot afford to wait much longer on the hostages. If he is going to make a move, he must do so soon. Time is of the essence, and the longer he waits, the worse this is going to become.



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