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Monday, April 02, 2007

Fundraising Numbers: HRC And Romney Take The Lead

According to Patrick Ruffini Senator Clinton is the winner on the Democrat side of fundraising with just over $26 million. Over at The Politico Jonathan Martin shows that Mitt Romney raised over $26 million. So, here are the two biggies for the first quarter. Obama is nipping at Hillary's heels with around $22 million, and Rudy and McCain fell short of their expected amounts, $15 million and $12.5 million, respectively.

Mr. Ruffini points out that Hillary's numbers are less than expected, and some are surprised at the Romney numbers. Of course, the WaPo does it's best to spin her numbers, but Hugh notes that the spin falls apart later in the piece with this:

The officials also did not specify how much of the $26 million raised is designated for her primary campaign; she is raising money for both the general and primary races and cannot spend money earmarked for the general election on the primary.

So Hugh's question remains pertinent: "How much did she raise to beat Obama?"

Now while these numbers are only first quarter breakdowns, it does show a little bit more of the race in and of itself. First, it comes as no surprise that Sens. Clinton. Obama, and Edwards were literally one, two, and three. That is the way their side of the race has been going on. If anyone thinks Sen. Clinton has not been the front-runner since even before her corny announcement, you need help. Yes, Obama was exciting people. But Hillary has been preparing for this run for years. Her people are literally in place. She only needs the money to make the run, and the media to be her PR department.

On the Republican side, neither Thomas or I were surprised to see Romney with the edge in raising money. And yes, Jonathan Martin is making a big deal abvout the fact that Romney lent his exploratory campaign $2.35 million. It has been explained already. You need start-up capital for any sort of campaign. Your phones, computers, and staffing do not come free. I wonder if elements of the media would be quick to ask Sen. Clinton or Sen. McCain how much they have paid out for their staffing? Personally, we find even the admission of his loan irrelevant in the story. It was not a loan to add into his fundraising kitty. It was for start-up.

We do know of a few people who were surprised to see Romney surge into first place with the cash. They figured with Rudy's giant lead in the straw polls that he should be the one grabbing up the cash. The majority of Romney's contributions are coming directly from early primary stops, and a phenomenal fundraising machine online. This also shows us that his message is resonating with who matters most -- the people. And when they hear him, they trust him enough to contribute to him.

Again, we should remember that this is only the first quarter numbers, and much like the straw polls, this is all far from over. But it does give the electorate a bit of insight into who is sitting pretty, and who is questioning if the coach will ever let them take the ball field.



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