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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Typical Sunday. We Are Busy Today, And The Rest Of The World Is Just Strolling By

Indeed we are a bit busy today as we begin breaking down ideas for our next column (and I have a book I must finish today in addition to some lingering homework), but I though I might start us off with a little quick run through some of the news I have noticed this morning.

"I have Hillary's back" would seem to be a fitting epitaph on a political headstone. But Geraldine Ferraro has come out of the woodwork to proclaim that today, and she is serious. Yes, we know. Too bad her tombstone already has an epitaph more worthy than "Hillary-bot 2007." "I ran with Walter Mondale in 1984, and Ronald Reagan kicked both of our @$$e$ like a narc at a biker rally," leaves little room for anything else on a headstone.


Hugh Hewitt calls him the "Columnist of the World." We call him the best thing to happen to the MSM. It is Sunday, and that means Mark Steyn's newest piece is up at the Chicago Sun Times. Today Mark is talking about, what else, the British Hostage crisis. A couple of key paragraphs for your enhoyment:

On this 25th anniversary of the Falklands War, Tony Blair is looking less like Margaret Thatcher and alarmingly like Jimmy Carter, the embodiment of the soi-disant "superpower" as a smiling eunuch. ...

... Yet, like the Americans, the British persist in trying to resolve real crises through pseudo-institutions. A bunch of unelected multinational technocrats can designate an entire continent as "citizens of Europe" but, as Pat Buchanan wrote the other day, "dry documents, no matter how eloquent, abstract ideas, no matter how beautiful, do not a nation make." Similarly, the West's transnational romantics can fantasize about "one-world government," but, given the constituent parts, it's likely to be a lot more like Syria writ large than Sweden. In fact, it already is. ...

... So we live today in a world of one-way sovereignty: American, British and Iraqi forces in Iraq respect the Syrian and Iranian borders; the Syrians and Iranians do not respect the Iraqi border. Patrolling the Shatt al-Arab at a time of war, the Royal Navy operates under rules of engagement designed by distant fainthearts with an eye to the polite fictions of "international law": If you're in a ''warship,'' you can't wage war. If you're in a ''destroyer,'' don't destroy anything. If you're in a "frigate," you're frigging done for.


Engram @ Back Talk is talking about the surge in Iraq, and comparing some casualty numbers. Worth the look-see.


And the age old question is somewhat answered finally. Why do liberals get it wrong on nearly everything? Kevin McCullough explains:

Given the chance to do what is right, liberals will consistently choose otherwise.

They do so because they adopt a worldview that is based on "what feels good." They follow impulses instead of moral standards. And they seem to cheer for our enemies instead of our allies. Which when you think of it seems to be a defining characteristic of someone who has lost their mind.


And yes, it is official, Tommy Thompson has officially declared his candidacy for president. It was not the Thompson we wanted in the ring, but you go to the ballot box with the one you have, not the one you wished you had. (Maybe Fred will jump in soon, so the others can get the hint, and take a quiet vacation.)



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