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Monday, April 16, 2007

New column up at Common Conservative!

It's the 15th of the month and that means our new mid-month column is up at Common Conservative.

This time around we're trying to keep in tune with the early primary campaigns of GOP hopefuls by touching on a "problem" Mitt Romney seemingly has with everyone under the sun, from conservatives to those on the Left. Trust me, read our column, and understand the POV we're coming from; the sorts of attacks made against him make for an especially slippery slope, and we doubt that conservatives really understand the pratfalls that await us in the future should this line of attack be continued.

Thomas Lindaman is talking about why Democrats suck at running, conducting, or even participating in war.

Tom Adkins, Vincent Fiore, and Patrick Shanahan are on hiatus, still.

And Larry Simoneaux makes a casual observation regarding a friend's fight with a well-known insurance company; a fight that likely cost the company more than the $400 his friend wanted and was rightfully his.

Carey Roberts digs her nails into Nancy Pelosi's "power trip" to Syria.

John Lillpop knocks a home run with his piece on immigration, and the failure of a few to remember the lessons of the past. Yes, even those as far back as 1986.

Christopher Adamo is talking about the exciting possibility of having Fred Thompson in the race for '08. (Gee, do I see Hillary and McCain squirming in their seats in the back?)

Fred Thompson's possible run is also the focus of JB Williams' column. (Look, I gotta tell you guys that if he jumps in -- when he jumps in -- some of the candidates are going to know what it means to perpetually be the bride's maid and not the bride.)

Bob Parks has some notes on the recent British/Iranian hostage crisis, and a lot of it revolves around some international laws that the West seems to abide by, and our enemies seem to pi$$ all over.

Nina May goes whale-hunting, and locates a "great" white one seemingly beached on the show "The View"; it also might be noted that Ms. May reminds us how unhinged Rosie really is.

As always, this post will stay at the top of the page for the next 24 hours, and any posts coming up tonight ot tomorrow will be below it, so please scroll down. Enjoy reading the fine conservative minds this issue. I know we will.

Publius II


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