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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Primaries moving up

I'm not going to comment on this just yet. I want it to sink into the electorate that the primary season is here -- right now. There's no waiting for a lengthy process in 2008. The GOP candidate is liable to be chosen by the end of February, and ready for the brutal road ahead.

From Hugh Hewitt:

The Nevada GOP has moved its caucus date up to Saturday, January 19, putting it five days after the Iowa caucuses on Monday, January 14, and three days before the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday, January 22. The calender is getting crowded.

The Michigan GOP seems committed to February 5 --or earlier. South Carolina holds its primary on February 2.

Florida remains uncertain, but it could see its vote move up to January 29, which would make it the make-or-break primary of 2008 (and the Sunshine state's radio and television stations very happy indeed).

So, which state decides to lose all or some of its delegates but make hundreds of millions for its economy and refocus the presidential campaign on its unique issues by moving its vote --to December, 2007, or even one year prior to the presidential vote?

I hope the Democrats are ready to drop the gloves and go because it'll be ingrained into the GOP candidate that they'll have to be ready, willing, and able to go toe-to-toe with some of the nastiest political operatives in the history of politics. And in 2008, it's winner take all. (This had better be a message being pushed by the GOP leaders to those sitting in Congress. The Republicans in the Senate must win all 21 of their seats, and the Republicans must make gains int he house.)

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