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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

V-Tech update; Cho sent NBC a "multimedia manifesto"; MSNBC tries to salvage it's rep after Imus

This revelation was entirely unexpected. And of course Allah has the skinny on the updates. While there's wuite a bit there, the big thing int he package that was sent to NBC. We now know exactly what he was doing between the first and second shootings. The rambling diatribe he runs with is filled with profanity, and there's an indictment for just about everyone and everything you can think of. From rich people to booze drinkers; from Jesus Christ to the immoral, he was a man that had a gripe against the world, and he was intent to teach this world a lesson.

I'd like to note for readers that I observed in my post this morning that this week was an interesting week of anniversaries, and now I'm actually glad I noted that because Cho did in his manifesto. He mentioned the Columbine killers, and considered himself a martyr like he perceived them to be.

The package was postmarked at 9:01 am EST on Monday, and there are over forty photos in the package and twenty Quicktime files with them. It's evident that he spent a considerable amount of time on this package. And given the attitude in some of the Quicktime files --ranging from morose to excitable -- we are witnessing the slow decline and destruction of a human being. I know I stated the guys was disturbed. That's an understatement. This guy was gone. The lights may have been on, but no one was home. Allah caught this interview from a forensic psychologist this morning:

Are you saying that the shooter was a schizophrenic?

Not enough has been released to tell for sure. Paranoia, in my professional experience, is the most important element to understand in the possible motives of mass shootings. Virtually all mass shooters are paranoid to some pathological degree. Some of them have suspicious personalities but otherwise maintain a connection to reality. Others have paranoid delusional disorder and have irrational and fixed false ideas about a particular theme. The most extreme of those with paranoia have schizophrenia, a condition that may be associated with intense hostility and different degrees of emotional and mental limitation and — particularly important to mass shooting — progressive and humiliating decline and alienation.

What then leads you to believe Cho had schizophrenia?

How he related to his roommate was just too bizarre to be depression. The bizarre content of his plays — mashing a half-eaten "banana bar" in someone's mouth, the hypersexual, nihilistic (death obsessed) obsessions in the absence of depressive guilt or tearfulness are another clue. The progressive decline of a period of years. Those with schizophrenia, especially in their earliest years, are not readily recognizable as such — their condition is evolving. But here was someone who, as early as 2005, was carrying himself so strangely that he was a spectacle. The depressed withdraw and disappear. Those who are so peculiar in their manner so as to be inappropriate (taking cell phone pictures of his teacher, speaking inaudibly, pulling a cap low over his eyes) exhibit signs and symptoms more indicative of schizophrenia. He was communicating in a rambling manner reflective of what we appreciate as autistic thinking — characteristic of schizophrenia. In a similar vein, Mr. Cho's stilted communication in his homicide note (deceitful charlatans — not the language of a 23-year-old college kid) is also the manner of a schizophrenic's communications, as is his pronounced delay in responding to questions.

He unnerved a lot of people around him, including other classmates, and in 2005 some psychiatric treatment was deemed necessary:

The student who is accused of the murderous rampage that claimed 33 lives at Virginia Tech presented an imminent danger in 2005, when, campus police said today, two women complained that he was stalking them by computer and telephone.

The women's complaints led campus police to take Seung-hui Cho to a mental hospital, where he stayed briefly before returning to the university, officials said. The detention order, dated Dec. 13, 2005, states that officials have "probable cause to believe … [that Cho] is mentally ill and in need of hospitalization, and presents an imminent danger to self or others as a result of mental illness, or is seriously mentally ill as to be substantially unable to care for" himself.

The disclosures are the latest pieces in the puzzle of why Cho is believed to have shot 32 students and staff at two locations before shooting himself to death. More troubling to this campus, still reeling under the trauma of Monday's shootings and the days of mourning and stress, is that Cho's past battles with mental illness raise questions about how the university and its campus police dealt with him and whether they properly recognized the potential for violence.

Campus police said at a news conference this morning that school authorities for the first time acknowledged any contact with Cho for anything other than normal student activities.

Asked why Cho was not more closely monitored or asked to leave school after being suspected of stalking women, university Police Chief Wendell Flinchum said Cho had made no threats and was not violent. The certification for his involuntary admission states that Cho "presents an imminent danger to himself as a result of mental illness."

Cho was released on Dec. 14, 2005.

Police said neither of the women who complained about Cho were among his shooting victims Monday.

I'd like to close with this about NBC's decision to run with this story. Rather than simply acknowledging that they received this from Mr. Cho, they decided they had to run with it complete with pics and video. Marcie made a keen observation that I think warrants notice. With the flap that NBC was involved in with Don Imus, this is "precisely" the sort of story that NBC needed to salvage itself after that incident. I have to agree with her that their decision was probably not as hard as many think it was. With ratings sagging for a few of their shows, the black-eye they took over Imus, this is the story that they were waiting for, and they beat everyone to the puch. They're enjoying the fact that everyone tuned ito them for the scoop even though know, as Generalissimo Duane just pointed out on Hugh Hewitt's show, it's wall to wall coverage on ALL stations. Way to go you weasels

Publius II

ADDENDUM: It looks like K-Lo at NRO's Corner and Marcie are on the same page:

Ratings Boon? [Kathryn Jean Lopez]
Brian Williams on the Nightly News just teased more from the death package to be seen on MSNBC this evening and Today in the morning.

Folks, send a message to the media to end this garbage. We don't need this crap rammed down our throats. And the Today show? How many parents out there want to expalin what their watching to the kids tomorrow morning over breakfast. I know if we had kids, we wouldn't want to. They're giving this guy more than his 15 minutes of infamy. They didn't want to show the Daniel Pearl video because it was too graphic. They quit showing the scenes from 11 September. Hell, a caller to Hugh's show pointed out that they won't even show a streaker during a sports event. So why, in God's name are they giving this guy more time than he's worth? Call them up and tell them you're not happy with it, and that it needs to stop, NOW.

Also, Captain Ed takes note of the name on envelope:

UPDATE V: The return address name was "Ismail" or "Ishmael".

UPDATE VI: He started compiling this package last week. It makes it clear that he premeditated this, and he didn't just freak out after the first shooting. Cho also apparently hated Christianity, and that makes the Ismail Ax reference more likely to be the James Fennimore Cooper theory that Hot Air noted.

For the record, so our readers understand this, we've yet to see anything that could possibly connect Mr. Cho to Islamic radicalism. The guy was an English major, which gives more credence to the theory that Allah at Hot Air noted from their reader Ray F. We can buy this theory, based on the details of the novel "The Prairie," more than we can swallow the Islamist idea. Until we see proof of a connection to the animals that are trying to kill us, we're not entertaining that theory at all.

Publius II


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