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Friday, April 20, 2007

V-Tech Update: Hilscher possibly stalked; Why Norris might have been a target; UPDATE -- The Kos Kidz feel Cho's pain

Apologies to our readers for skipping today. We needed a break. Marcie is nose-deep in studying for finals coming at the beginning of next month, and I was just too damned tired today. (I think I'm getting another cold; I always feel like this when one starts to set in.) And while Allah will be taking the weekend off, it doesn't stop his necessary and outstanding updates See-Dubya will be subbing for him in his absence.

There's a distinct possibility that Emily Hilscher might have been one of his stalking targets without her being aware of it. We caution that to date, this is circumstantial, but something drew him to the dorm she resided in:

Many days, Andy Koch would return to his dorm to find suitemate Seung-Hui Cho standing in the hall, staring out a window that offered a sweeping view of neighboring West Ambler Johnston Hall.

Cho never lived at West AJ, as the towering dorm was called. He had no friends there, as far as anyone knows. And yet a room on the fourth floor was the spot where the 23-year-old senior chose to start the deadliest one-man shooting spree in modern U.S. history.

Why? Was he fixated on someone who lived there, or was it the place itself? And why did he choose to complete his rampage across campus in the classrooms of Norris Hall?

``The why and the how are the crux of the investigation,'' Virginia State Police spokeswoman Corinne Geller said Friday. ``The why may never be determined because the person responsible is deceased.''

So far, investigators in the Virginia Tech massacre that left Cho and 32 other people dead have divulged no connection between Cho and the first two victims, Emily Hilscher and resident adviser Ryan Clark. Both were gunned down at West AJ.

``We're trying to establish those links, if there are any,'' Geller said, adding that police expected to release new details sometime in the middle of next week.

Police filed a search warrant for Hilscher's laptop and cell phone, saying in court papers that Cho might have communicated with her via computer.

We'll see what police find, but it wouldn't surprise us to learn he had been stalking her. That question might be answered sometime next week, and this, too, looks like a viable theory related to why he chose the engineering building of Norris Hall:

Another mystery: Why did the English major target Norris, a building dominated by engineering and foreign language classes? Chris Davids, a Virginia Tech senior who went to high school with Cho, said he remembers seeing Cho on campus a lot freshman year, and concluded that Cho, like him, started out as an engineering major.

``If he started in engineering and had to switch to English that might be a reason why he's angry at the engineering department,'' Davids said.

That could very well explain why he chose Norris Hall. A lot of kids change their majors in college for one reason or another. Some may not mesh well with their schedule, and some may change them because they're harder than they expected. It's a possibility that this may be the case with him. It seems that now his family is speaking out, some new information is nbeing shed regarding his mental state. His great aunt in South Korea says he was diagnosed with autism early in life:

In a television interview, Cho's great aunt in South Korea, Kim Yang-soon, added that he suffered from autism. She said: "[He] did not talk. Normally sons and mothers talk. There was none of that for them. He was very cold. When they went to the United States, they told them it was autism."

Cho's uncle, who wished to be identified only as Kim, said there were no early indications that the South Korean student had serious problems, but said that Cho "didn't talk much when he was young". He added: " He was very quiet, but he did not display any peculiarities to suggest he may have problems. We were concerned about him being too quiet and encouraged him to talk."

This comes as no surprise to me, and has the earmarks of autism. (I have an "adopted nephew" who suffers from autsim, and he is very much like Cho was early in his life.) If he was psychiatrically misdiagnosed, prescribed the wrong meds as he grew up, it's a distinct possibility that those meds might have severely affected him. A sort of miswiring, if you will, would have occurred. That's not an excuse for his going nuts, nor is it a cop-out to minimize the atrocity he committed. Remember, we're looking for answers here, not excuses.

Also, there's be a lot of speculation we've noticed (both here on the 'Net, and in the real world) about the number of shots he fired. Someone told us he fired 64 shots, which would have been an amazing hit-to-miss ration for him. Those speculative theories are now officially dead:

A law enforcement source told WNBC.com's Jonathan Dienst that Cho Seung-Hui fired at least 168 times during his rampage on the Virginia Tech campus that ended with 32 people dead on Monday.

ATF officials said the estimate of the total number rests between 175 and 225 bullets fired, but they won't know for sure until autopsy procedures are finished and wounds of surviving victims are examined further.

One investigator said a surveillance camera near the Blacksburg Post office may show Cho in the vicinity at 9:03 a.m. on Monday. Investigators are still reviewing the tape to try to confirm the image on the tape is that of Cho.

Investigators are working on putting together an exact timeline for all of Cho's movements in the days leading up to the shooting.

Publius II

UPDATE: Had I not seen this with my own eyes I wouldn't have believed it. (HT: See-Dubya at the afore-linked, above) Yes, the Kos Kids are mourning the death of the thirty-third "victim," Mr. Cho himself:

My heart aches. Of course I mourn the passing of the thirty-two Virginia Polytechnic University students, as do we all throughout the globe. Nevertheless, I cannot forget how my heart hurts for the thirty-third victim, the one the media never seems to count among those killed, Seung-Hui Cho. On April 16, 2007 thirty-three lovable and fragile individuals passed.

OK, can I throw up now? This is positively insane. Mourn the guy who caused this who fiasco? Frell the Kos Kids! What about the innocent peopl killed by this evil SOB? Sure, they mourn them too, but their heart bleeds for the murderer. Kind of shows you where they sit in their ideology, huh? Forgive the evildoer, or excuse him and his deed. Yeah. Great. No wonder why the center-right makes fun of the moonabts.

Oh, and just in case Kos decides that that post needs to be pulled down, See-Dub noticed that Charles Johnson of LGF has immortalized it on his site. It's not going anywhere Markos. You can run, you can delete, but you can't hide your moonbat, fringe, know-nothings/excuse everything followers.

Publius II


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