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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Breaking down the Senate's draft

No, not us. We're still in the middle of reading all 326 pages of this monstrosity. But Hugh is breaking it down, and picking out the more insane parts of this bill. It's been a running series for him since he first printed the thing out.

Part One is here, and it deals with the triggers.

Part Two is here, and it looks like someone's promising things without actually following through on those promises.

Part Three is here and it discusses the new measures needed to enforce the laws. What is troubling though, as Hugh points out (and we have seen this part) is there are "alternatives to detention." I thought catch and release was over?

Part Four is here and it talks about workplace enforcement. But Hugh notes that a couple of things are missing there.

And Part Five is here and it talks about "literate" immigrants. As Hugh points out, this is the guest worker provisions and it runs about 94 pages.

The minds over at The Corner have also been breaking down the proposed bill. Gee, if Tony Snow thought that Hugh was cruel to him, he might want to see what the NRO group is up to. It's not pretty.

Lastly, I'll leave you with this link that Mark Steyn came across. I'd be concerned by this considering the war we're in:

Muslim leaders in the United States say interest in their religion has increased in the past few years.

More Hispanic Americans are converting to Islam, particularly in New York, California, Texas and Florida, which have the greatest concentration of Hispanic residents.

The al-Rahaman mosque in Orlando opened in 1975 and is the oldest Muslim place of worship in the city.

But over the years, its membership has changed, and now increasing numbers of Hispanics like Jesus Marti are joining the congregation. Jesus Marti, Hispanic Muslim, said: "Islam is definitely a way of life, for discipline where you follow and you try to enhance yourself to get the most positive things out of yourself."

Now, if you'll excuse me, it's time to return to our work, and going blind on proposed federal legislation.

Publius II

UPDATE: PowerLine's Scott Johnson gives us insight not only into John McCain's blow-up, but the details of the negotiations held on Thursday. Additionally, he tosses in a little history about this bill and how those on the Hill are just dead-set to ram this down the voters' throats. Meanwhile Hugh has finished his analysis of the "fine print," and it's as we expected; this deal sucks. The White House is now in a row similar to that of the Dubai Ports deal and Harriet Miers.

Publius II


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