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Monday, May 07, 2007

Of all the asinine things the Strib could do ...

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune, or "Strib" as we in the 'sphere call it (next to POS, cage liner, and a variety of other things), has made the most retarded mistake of it's existence. It's one that is sure to cost them subscriptions, and I'm surprised the people in Minneapolis haven't gotten their torches and pitchforks out yet.

The Strib has decided to kill James Lileks' outstanding columns and they have assigned him to write news. Just the news. Only the news. All the news that they believe is fit for them to print, or some such nonsense.

Now, if anyone has ventured over to Lileks.com, then you know how hilariously funny James can be. Thursdays are a treat on the Hugh Hewitt show because Marcie and I get to hear our three favorite people on the radio: Hugh, James, and Mark Steyn. So, we'll still get that. And James will still continue his Daily Bleats, The Diner, and the Screedblog.

But what in God's name were the editors at the Strib thinking? People love James for his jabbing, irreverent humor. He is, quite possibly, the funniest man in the newspaper industry today. And the Strib decided to "move him" and kill his column. And if you think that I'm the only one haviong a fit over this, think again.

Hugh has this news plastered at the top of his page. NZ Bear is tracking reactions across the 'sphere. Dave Barry's not happy, even though some on the Left are. Among the others ticked? Powerline, Don Surber, NixGuy, JamieWearingFool, HotAir, CaptainsQuarters, Ed Driscoll, Memeorandum, Dan Riehl, Vodkapundit, and Glenn Reynolds.

James Lileks knows more about the online community, how to communicate in it, and how to drive it more than anyone at the Strib. He should be the head of their online division, and they could trounce any paper in the way. He shouldn't be covering news. That's what the schleps in the newsroom are for. That's what they get paid to do. But no. the monkeys in management decided that Lileks needed to lose his column, and in doing so, they killed whatever credibility they had left.

Not surprising really, given the sad state of affairs the newspapers are in right now. They are hemorrhaging readers and subscriptions all over the map, ignoring the calls for change from their readers, and they end up making stupid moves like this. If I were the owner of the Strib, I'd fire the idiots who made this decision. And if it's the owner that did make this decision, then he's a moron, and doesn't know the first thing about "good reads" in a newspaper. I hope this bites the Strib where it counts the most.

I also hope that there are those outlets that are looking for a terrific, very funny, always topical writer for their established service, be it a newspaper, or online outlet. Picking up Lileks would be a boon in more ways than they could count.

Publius II


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