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Monday, May 21, 2007

The WaPo Accuses Us Of Being Water-Carriers For the Administration

I think the WaPo makes some solid points in their piece about those on the Right having to play "catch-up" on the Internet. Though I would be more apt to agree with them if they did not seem to be shills for the nutroots. But, they did basically accuse the Right of being the water-bearers for the Bush Administration:

[A]n underlying cause may be the nature of the Republican Party and its traditional discipline — the antithesis of the often chaotic, bottom-up, user-generated atmosphere of the Internet.

“We’ve always been a party of staying on message,” All said. “It’s the Rush Limbaugh model. What Tony Snow says in the White House filters down to talk radio, which makes its way to the blogs.”…

“What was once seen as a liability for Democrats and progressives in the past — they couldn’t get 20 people to agree to the same thing, they could never finish anything, they couldn’t stay on message — is now an asset,” Leyden said. “All this talking and discussing and fighting energizes everyone, involves everyone, and get people totally into it.”

While we do indeed give our support when it is warranted, such as on the issue of the war, there are times where many on the right have split from the administration. Allah @ Hot Air notes that this was a really bad week for the WaPo to make such an allegation.

And should we really pay attention to the record of the Right in the blogosphere we would see that we are anything but parrots for the administration. Thomas and I pointed to a couple of things that should be burned into people's memories this past weekend about the Right's departure from the administration.

We broke from the president over the Dubai Ports deal that would have turned security of our ports over to a Middle Eastern nation that is not exactly a tight ally of ours to begin with.

We outright objected to Harriet Miers being named to succeed Sandra Day O'Connor on the Supreme Court. While she may have been a skilled lawyer, it does not help her case when it is revealed she was going through a "two-week crash course" in Constitutional Law. (For those that criticize us for our thoughts regarding Constitutional jurisprudence, Thomas has been studying privately for 20 years on this subject. No one I know of that is NOT in the legal field knows more about the document and it's meaning.)

The point is that we do not carry anything for the administration that we do not firmly believe in. If the administration does something we do not agree with, or support, it is our duty to our readers to call the administration out. Thomas did it on Saturday over Tony Snow's interview with Hugh Hewitt. We have done it more times than I can count. We know of many bloggers that have done this. (Anyone who doubts that might want to look up Michelle Malkins take on immigration.. she is not carrying anyone's water on this issue.)



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