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Saturday, June 02, 2007

An answer to Linda Chavez and President Bush

At the American Spectator, Robert Stacy McCain takes the less than dynamic duo on:

If the nation's economy is so deficient of human capital as to require augmentation from abroad, wouldn't it be better to take in well-educated people who are likely to become taxpayers, rather than poorly educated people who are likely to become clients of the welfare state?

Common-sense questions like that ought not be answered with accusations of harboring "anti-immigrant sentiments," a charge recently leveled by former Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson.
The category "immigrant" encompasses too great a diversity for the term "anti-immigrant" to have any useful meaning in the present debate.

Surely Mr. Rector has no "sentiments" against the cheerful student/waitress, who didn't break the law to come here, and one suspects Mr. Rector would welcome many more such bright, ambitious young immigrants.Nor is there any need to insult the citizenry, as President Bush has repeatedly done, by telling us that illegal aliens are "doing jobs Americans won't do."

My own daughter waits tables at Pizza Hut to earn her college tuition, my wife works part-time as a provider of janitorial services, and both of my brothers are truck drivers. Are my kindred not American, Mr. President?

Read the whole thing because he's making poits that no one int he administration, noe of their defenders, and certainly not the poor fools on the Wall Street Journal's editorial board refuse to hear. We need common sense reform. First we secure the nation and her borders, then we move onto what needs to be dowe with those here. Deportation is idiotic and nearly impossible. Besides, such mass deportations could very well harm this nation's economy right now. Regularization is the answer, but not int he way Congress is proposing. Common sense, folks, is what we need in this debate, and it's apparent that those in favor of this bill -- offering up excuses like "A Democrat in the White House with a Democrat controlled Congress will present one even worse" is a nice excuse, but it doesn't address the overall point that this bill, as things stand right now, isn't exactly one to crow about.

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