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Monday, June 04, 2007

Character Assassination MSNBC-Style

This was not funny at all and Joe Scarborough should be ashamed of himself. I agree with Michelle that he owes Fred Thompson and his lovely wife, Jeri, an apology for making the comment. The video clip is up at Michelle's site. The comment in question was the one referring to Fred Thompson's wife "working the pole."

Now kidding aside, the joke was not funny. the former congressman does not spell out what is meant by "working the pole," though there are a couple of connotations that can be drawn from the remark. the most common one accepted by those criticizing the remark is performing with a stripper's pole. (Though I have seen some crude comments regarding a different pole, which is simply gross, high school humor; the same sort that I disliked then and still do now.)

If this is the sort of attacks that will be launched at Fred Thompson in his run for the presidential nomination, it is low-brow. This line of attack has no merit with Mr. Thompson because there is nothing wrong with his choice for a wife. He had been divorced and remained single for a few years before remarrying. Mrs. thompson is a lovely woman, and they obviously love one another very much. His divorce was not messy, at all (not like the Giuliani divorce when he was thrown out of the mayor's mansion). The parted amicably.

The Left should be focusing on him and his record, but as they decided to levy the first salvo at his wife it is apparent to me that they cannot find a great deal on Mr. thompson that can stick. That speaks volumes about their confidence in being able to deal with a man who can so eloquently pound on them. Is there a level of controversy surrounding Mr. Thompson? Allegations of "flip-flopping?" Yes there are, but no more than any other politician running for the nomination on either side.

Rudy has faced the criticism over his divorces, his abortion stance, his gun control stance, and his gay rights stance. Mitt Romney is facing criticism (from John McCain, no less) over his immigration stance -- a veiled swipe that raised the ire of conservatives for the underhanded snipe. He has also been assailed over his abortion position, especially with regard to the 1994 YouTube video showing him saying that he would protect a woman's right to choose.

For the record, and so readers understand precisely what we mean on this subject, it is the de facto law of the land. Abortion cannot be changed by the president or by Congress. If it is to be changed, it must be done by the Supreme Court. We would expect nothing less than an admission from any politician running for office to state they would follow the law. As of right now, the law is abortion is legal. Granted, the partial-birth abortion ban was upheld by the USSC, and it marks the beginning of the process that Justice Scalia admitted would have to happen to drop-kick Roe -- kick in the doors one at a time. We would expect an elected official to uphold the law. We do not get to pick and choose the laws we will follow.

These men have enough issues to deal with without going after their spouses. As I said, I am not pleased with this, but when it comes to the Left are we surprised by their outrageous statements? I know I am not. But it does not excuse the matter. He owes them an apology. Will he give one? Probably not.



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