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Welcome to the Asylum. This is a site devoted to politics and current events in America, and around the globe. The THREE lunatics posting here are unabashed conservatives that go after the liberal lies and deceit prevalent in the debate of the day. We'd like to add that the views expressed here do not reflect the views of other inmates, nor were any inmates harmed in the creation of this site.

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Who are we? We're a married couple who has a passion for politics and current events. That's what this site is about. If you read us, you know what we stand for.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

We're moving, right now

It was time for a change anyway. I explain this over at our new site, which is officially open for business right now. So please feel free to join us there. This will be our new, and hopefully permanent home, from now on. Nothing has changed but the location. It's still the same three people as before (with the third hopefully returning sometime soon. Sabrina is as excited about this move as we are.)

Publius II

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