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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Some housekeeping ...

Today the third GOP debate will be held. No, I won't be live-blogging it like I did the previous two. Instead, Marcie and I will be watching it, and one of the two of us will give a post-debate wrap-up. This will be the first time I will have actually watched these guys in action. (The previous two live-blogs I haven't been watching. I've been listening only.) This should be interesting. We'll be taking notes, and give our opinions after the debate. Who wins, who loses, and who is still on the bottom rung looking up. (I'd wager that Ron Paul will likely be the guy on the bottom rung, again.)

But I can't just post this up without adding a few tidbits to look over for the new day. First, two primo posts from Hot Air. Both come from Allahpundit. The first is a USA Today poll on immigration. At the risk of giving the ending away, "it's dead, Jim." Allah writes:

Unfortunately, probably not enough people know it to stop it.

But I’ll bet enough do to derail a certain Republican presidential candidacy that shall remain nameless.

The Washington Times adds that as the bill stands right now, it'll only reduce illegal immigration by 25% a year. Stephen Dinan will report on this later today for the Times. Be sure to check that out. I distinctly hear the sounds of coffin nails going into this bill, though I'm not sure who's doing the hammering.

The second story is about Peggy Noonan drilling the president on this bill. It's not pretty. It's not kind. And I'm sure the bill's supporters will accuse Ms. Noonan of being "racist" or "nativist." Don't buy it. She's spot on. again, Allah writes: (emphasis mine; I've listened to it)

More audio from Brian Kirsten and the Judge courtesy of Johnny Dollar. Her soft, measured speaking style softens the blows but Noonan’s clearly throwing roundhouses here, particularly when she accuses him of having exploited the goodwill he accrued from 9/11. The amnesty bill and the accusations of bad faith that have come with it are the last, indefensible straw. There’s simply no making excuses for the guy anymore. Like Noonan says, we don’t know who he is. But we do know he’s not one of us.

Don’t quit on it before it’s played all the way through. The end is devastating.

The Hill reports that Sen. Craig Thomas has lost his battle with leukemia, and that he will be replaced by a Republic. Rest in peace, Senator.

The number three guy in the House's GOP leadership, Adam Putnam, is joing Team Fred!

Back to the USA Today and things don't look too good for Senator Clinton as Senator Obama is nearly even with her right now in the straw polls. "Faster please, Mr. Soros," is likely what she's saying right now.

The Politico reports that John Boehner is seeking the expulsion of William "Dollar Bill" Jefferson after his indictment was handed down on Monday. Ah, and they say no "good deed" goes unpunished. (No, I don't think he did good, but his cronies sure think it.)

McCain and Romney are tossing barbs back and forth over immigration. No offense to Senator McCain, he's out of his league:

"To want the office so badly that you would intentionally make our country's problems worse might prove you can read a poll or take a cheap shot, but it hardly demonstrates presidential leadership," McCain told members of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce.

Romney answered back.

"The immigration approach proposed by Senators McCain and Kennedy falls short of a workable solution to an important problem," the former Massachusetts governor said in a statement. Romney said he respected McCain, but his opposition was based on a "principled disagreement about policies and priorities related to enforcement of our immigration laws."

Hey Senator, you read the bill yet, or are you still crawling around in the dark on this one? Captain Ed proved that in this post where John McCain didn't even know the back taxes provisions had been removed fromt he bill. Less talk, Senator, and more reading I think is due with this issue.

And last but certainly not least, tune into all three hours of Hugh Hewitt's show today,/li> as he hosts the "Great God Debate" between Mark D. Roberts and Christopher Hitchens. It's sure to be interesting and fun. And if you have anything you'd like to add to the debate, feel free to e-mail Hugh at Hugh@HughHewitt.com. I'm sure he'll be happy to entertain any posited questions.

See you all after the debate!

Publius II


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