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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Does Anyone Remember CNN In Baghdad?

I picked this up this morning from LGF, and I haven't had a chance to comment on this until now. I know it's late, but today's been a helluva day for me, so have a bit of patience.


Iran, which long castigated the United States as the “Great Satan”, is to promote its tourist potential on America’s CNN television station and Britain’s BBC, the country’s vice-president for tourism Hossein Marachi has revealed to AFP.
Tense relations between Tehran and Washington will not stop Iran from exploiting its attractions on the US cable network, said Marachi, who insists US sanctions preventing American companies from trading with Iran “will not apply in this instance”.

Both BBC and CNN campaigns should start within two months under a one-year contract, the value of which Marachi did not disclose.

Kevin Young, acting head of public relations for BBC World, said: “There have been long discussions about this and we’re optimistic the campaign will be launched but it’s not been finalised yet.”

He added that no actual starting date had been decided and the ads would only be shown on the state-funded broadcaster’s semi-commercial BBC World.
“We would be looking at what we call a spot campaign, which is a straightforward commercial campaign for 30- or 60-second adverts that would appear for a period of six months.”

Spokesman Nigel Pritchard for CNN international in Atlanta said only: “We can’t comment on commercial deals unless they are in place. There is no deal in place.”

Marachi said Iran would provide footage for the slots.

“They will show Iranian tourist sites. ”You’ll not see Friday prayers," he added with a smile.

I don't know about all of you, but I guess the MSM hasn't learned from the mistake that CNN made in Baghdad, nor the one the LA Times pulled last month with the fluff-piece for North Korea. Why does the media in this nation seem so intent on showing "the other side" to regimes that are our enemies?

This kind of behavior never would have been tolerated during World War II. I don't remember reading where anyone in this nation was willing to paint such a great picture of Japan after Pearl Harbor. Sure, we still had Hitler-apologists in this nation, but those were the blind and the foolish. No one stepped forward to defend Hirohito or Tojo. Sure, we have them now. They're called the Left. According to them, we brought Pearl Harbor on ourselves because we cut off all steel trade with them. We knew what they using the steel for. It was only a matter of time before we were dragged into that war; one way or another.

But the media today loves to hype our enemies "cause". They did it in Vietnam. They did it for Grenada, Puerto Rico, Somalia, Beirut, the Gulf War, and they're doing it now in the GWOT. It's reprehensible. And for all those out there jumping up and down right now, yelling at their monitors that I supposedly "stand for the Constitution", you're right. I do. I haven't demanded that the freedom of the press be curtailed. My sole position here is to point out a fact. That fact is that CNN (I could give a rip about the BBC) is going to present a "tourist" picture for the masses that Iran's an OK nation to visit.

They still lop limbs off in Iran for things like stealing. Stoning is a common practice. Anyone catch the phots of the guy being whipped and hung for child molestation there a coulple weeks back. (OK, so Iran has one good point) Point being, this is a nation that still abides by the laws of old. It's not a bad thing, per se, just misguided in the 21st Century. I'm sorry, but Iran is still a pretty barbaric place.

And here is one of our news organizations that wants to paint a rosy picture of this nation; a nation that is an enemy of ours. They are developing nuclear weapons, they now have alliances with Syria and Venenzuela, and we know that North Korea has had past dealings with them. Iran, right now, is a nightmare I wish would simply go away. But they won't. Not without a bit of help, hence the pressure on Syria.

But CNN has once again shown their true colors. They are willing to "look the other way". This time it's not a question of whether or not they can stay there and report news. It's to provide puff-material, and it's for money. How's that for you. A news organization that is getting it's ass kicked in the ratings so bad that they have to go to one of our enemies to keep them propped up. Sick, isn't it?

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