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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

An Assault On One Is An Assault On All…

Zipping through the blogosphere…I cam across this from Hugh Hewitt. Janice Rogers Brown has come under unprecedented disdain under the auspices of the LA Times. This is beyond the pale as they report Ms. Brown as a RW, Christian Conservative. She is a conservative, to be sure, but not cut from the same extremist cloth that the Left wishes.

Ms. Brown, to defend her to the Times, is a conservative cut from the same cloth of our Framers; being that the Constitution and it’s complete, originalist interpretation are the ultimate authorities regarding her decisions. That is what cowers the liberals more than anything.

The will not have a jurist going to the bench that embraces their mentality of literal rule by law. Ms. Brown—and others like Pryor and Owens—do not believe that they make the law. They believe that their calling is to interpret the law. That is that "proper and peculiar" power that the judiciary possesses. And it is one which the liberals discount as fodder. That is why they have been trying to perpetuate their agenda through the courts rather than the ballot box.

They know they cannot win there. In the overall war of ideas, the Left will always lose at the ballot box. They have no ideas; nothing to drive us forward. They have only ideas that will hold us back, and keep us down; held fast by a bootheel of oppression. Despite their party "public" face, the do not stand for what is right, what is proper, and what is just. Those ideals are subject to their whims. And we have already seen what their whims produce.

These were the same people that excused FDR’s slow moves to curtail Hitler. These were the same people that denied the complicity of the Rosenberg’s in stealing the A-Bomb materials. These were the same that—to this day—defend Alger Hiss. They defend Castro, Stalin, Lenin, Pol Pot and Mao. And they are the same party that, day by day, threaten our very way of life. They threaten our freedom. They threaten our rights. They threaten our morals and our values. These people are not to be trusted.

And now they threaten the very law which our Founding Fathers gave their blood for. They fought and died to construct, maintain, and preserve this nation; the greatest nation on the face of the planet, despite the howls of the Left. Good; let them howl. I do not care. But I do care when they threaten the rights which were bestowed upon me through the blood of patriots far smarter and braver than them, and myself.

I am not trying divert attention from this issue from a diatribe like this, but words mean things. These people dislike what this country stands for, what it represents, and what helps reinstall those ideals. Frist should push this issue forward, and finish off the Democrats in the process. Let them try to shut down the Senate. The president has powers at his disposal to get around such a move. That applies to Bolton and the judges.

The Democrats have no idea the misery about to be delivered upon their party. It will not be pretty, to say the least, and it might even be painful at the ballot box the next go-round. But lessons in life are seldom painless, and we will re-deliver this lesson to them again, and again, if necessary. America wants a change. They do not represent that change. Conservative’s do, but they are not willing to accept that. Too bad. I had hoped for a more challenging opponent in 2006 and beyond. But, just to avoid seeming lazy, I will be here. WE will be here, and so will the blogosphere.

The Bunny ;)


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