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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Taking Off The Gloves For Bolton…

It is not bad enough that the Democrats are continuing their illegal filibuster of judges (WE will be posting on this later) but they have gone beyond their normal level of vitriol against John Bolton. Bolton, since first entering government service as an intern in the Nixon White House, has shown a level of zeal and enthusiasm for what he does, no matter what it is. The man demands the best of the people under him, and expects cooperation among his superiors. In short, the man takes no bull, and does not tolerate it either.

The Democrats are painting him as an uncaring taskmaster that expects far too much from the people that work with him. And they are doing a good enough job in attacking the man, rather than his merits, even going so far as to dig up former employees he offended. (Oh no, not offended ex-employees!) Give me a break. There are few people that I know of that do not have a complaint or two about a past employer. But the Democrats are treating it as though this is entirely new to them.

Just wait until they are gone from office. Think any of us will have nice things to say about them? Think their interns or aides will?

Bolton is more than qualified to hold the post of US Ambassador to the United Nations, and he is precisely the man we need now. The UN, in short, is a mess. It’s true nature and demeanor have been revealed over the last few years with startling scandal after scandal. The Oil-For-Food (or Fraud, if you choose) scandal has not only tarnished the UN with a reputation that if they are involved in anything they cannot be trusted. But, in addition, they have been shown clearly helping some of the world’s worst characters by covering up what those people are doing.

The money generated by the Oil-For-Food program was supposed to have gone to the people of Iraq to ease their suffering under our sanctions, and those of the UN. The money never made it to them. Saddam used it for anything but it’s intended purpose. Weapons, rebuilding his broken military, more palaces and monuments to himself, etc. His people were being tortured and murdered, women raped, children thrown into prison, and this man was busy fiddling while Baghdad burned. He was his only concern.

And the UN was more than complicit in all of it. Almost every member nation on the UN Security Council knew almost all the details regarding how the UN was working in regard to the program. Great Britain and the US were, naturally, left out of the loop. The Volker Report—a report I add I had faith in, at first—in a roundabout way exonerated Kofi Annan. (I hate to use the word exonerate; that is a Kofi word) Congress’s shows far more involvement in the upper echelons of the UN than Volker’s report did. And after the records uncovered after Saddam was deposed, now we know why the UN did not want us going into Iraq. (Whoops! I guess Saddam lost his paper shredder.)

And let us look at Africa. A place where the UN should have had a hand in truly helping all these years, but they recognized no severe problem there. There was no genocide being committed in Rwanda. Sudan is not currently experiencing genocide by their definition. And the amount of money given to the UN to fight hunger in Africa would be enough to feed every man, woman, and child in the impoverished areas of Africa for years. That is, it would be had the money found it’s way to them. Anyone remember Somalia? Aidid was a warlord in that country that was starving his people to death. Rather than let the US do something serious about Aidid, they played a petty little game there, allowing a war criminal continue to build his power base. Way to go, UN. You took a problem that could have been easily solved, and turned it into mess.

And there is where much of my disdain for the UN comes. Every time the UN seems to get involved anywhere, they cause more problems than they solve. The Congo has been turned into a literal whorehouse with "Kofi’s Dollar Girls"; young girls that are raped by peacekeepers, then forced into prostitution. Of course the UN denies this, despite all the evidence to the contrary, because they know they can’t handle any more waves.

And that is where John Bolton comes in. You bet he is going to cause waves. It will not be an overly pleasant relationship between Bolton and the UN, but it is a change that must be done. The UN must be reigned in. We are their "chief donator", and if my money is going to the UN, I want a sharp, clear-thinking man in charge. Bolton is the right man for the job. The Democrats pitiful attempt to stall this vote will not work. I feel that Bolton will be confirmed. A little pressure is all that needs to be applied.

The Bunny ;)


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