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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Diddling, Dithering, and Dawdling…

The issue revolving around the Constitutional Option is heating up. It’s like a firestorm sweeping across the GOP’s base. The people want this issue laid to rest, and just when it seems that it might finally occur, another curve ball sweeps in. For two weeks the GOP has dealt with setback after setback, much, right now, from their own party. The RINOs in the Senate are making things more and more difficult for the GOP to collect itself. Granted, the leadership isn’t faring much better every time it shoots itself in the foot. (What’s more important, a highway bill, or restoring the Constitution?)

John McCain—known RINO extraordinaire, and all around pain-in-the-ass—led the way when he announced he would not side with the Republicans when the vote came down. He would side with the Democrats, therefore also siding against the Constitution. Typical. This imbecile would not know what was and was not Constitutional if Hamilton and Madison came back from the dead, and explained it all in plain English. Come to think of it, they already have. The documents are the Constitution, and the Federalist Papers. The powers and duties of the federal government are enumerated and explained, but I guess McCain skipped school that semester.

Now, too, we have another name to add to the RINO s**t-list. Sen. Lincoln Chafee announced on Friday he, too, would side with McCain and the Democrats. (To the citizens of Nebraska, call Chafee’s office and raise holy Hell.) This is completely unacceptable that these two don’t get it. If Chafee does side with the Democrats, as McCain has vowed to do, I want to see Chafee get the "Daschle Boot" in 2006. Chafee’s RINO attitude has lasted long enough. We need people that will hold true to the beliefs of the party. WE embrace the Constitution. We defend the Constitution. We don’t turn our backs on it.

WAnother setback came not from a RINO, but a staunch supporter of the Constitutional Option. Santorum is starting to get cold feet over this issue. A recent set of polling numbers came out, and has him worried. Here is the problem with polls: They are easily skewed, and right now the Democrats are sucking all of the oxygen out of this debate. The GOP is losing the PR war on this, and they are losing it quickly, especially with making foolish moves like scheduling a highway bill prior to reinstating the Constitutional checks and balances back where they belong. Add to the fact that Frist is now agreeing that this is not the time. (Sen. Frist, would like me to load your pistol for you?)

With all of this dropping on him, were I Frist, I would’ve marched to the floor of the Senate, and forced the issue then and there. In addition to that, I would’ve chastised the RINOs in the Senate that were fence sitters, reinforced why the vote was important, and moved forward. I want the names on the record of those that oppose the Constitution. This isn’t a "game". I’m not screwing around. I’m hot. I’m steamed, and it’s time to end this, now.

The Senate has a specifically-enumerated duty when it comes to nominations made by the president. "Advise and consent" is pretty self-explanatory. Nominees go through the "advise" part of the clause in committee. "Consent" comes on the Senate floor. ALL the debate is handled in committee. As Thomas has pointed out on a couple of occasions, you get your vote, and two minutes, or so, to vent. But you vote, and clear, simple, easy majority passes the nominee. Not a supermajority.

And that hasn’t been happening. What we have received, as the people of America, is one party so incensed at this president, they’re willing to engage in obstructionist tactics, illegal litmus tests on these nominees, and nothing but hate and spite directed at the administration. Under the Constitution, these nominees receive a simple up-or-down vote. A majority in favor or against. But by filibustering them, we’ve reduced them to a piece of legislation, which is open to such tactics, and will continue to be so even after the Constitutional Option is exercised. The GOP doesn’t want to take away the filibuster for bills; that’s completely idiotic.

And we would never ask it be removed. Both sides rely on the ability to filibuster. We are talking about restoring the Constitution, and making things right. (A simple majority! What do the Democrats not understand?) This is not right. It is not proper, and it is illegal. This was done ONCE in the 20th Century regarding Abe Fortas; a corrupt judge appointed as Chief Justice in the waning days of LBJ’s tenure as president. It was warranted then based on his merits. None of the judges deserve this. They are not corrupt. They are not criminals. They only want to uphold and interpret the law, as it stands. No gray areas, no what-if’s. And that is why the Democrats are doing what they are doing. They are afraid of judges like this because they cannot push their agenda forward with them.

Publius II & The Bunny


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