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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Run The Blockade, Sen. Frist!

OK. I know I have harped this issue to death for many. I’m so sorry to disappoint those people, but I’m just getting started. This issue is of such dire importance to me and many people that respect and believe in our Constitution. The Democrats are spitting all over it, and this administration, and quite frankly, I’m in the mood to push back a bit. So, here we go.

First off, below are three links that, if you are interested in this issue and you’re as incensed as many of us are, you should visit regularly. I have mentioned Hugh Hewitt on numerous occasions, linked to him more times than I can count, and one of them is his site. The other is BeyondTheNews.com, which is a site where he is a regular contributor. So is Dennis Prager and Mike Gallagher, for all those of you who engage in the talk radio merry-go-round everyday like we do. The last site is a blog site called ConfirmThem.com. This is the key site to keep up on all the information regarding the coming showdown.

And we’re not a bad site, either. On this issue you may even see a bit of emotion over this. I can honestly tell you that "pissed-off" is the lower level that Marcie and I share right now on a daily basis. "Nuclear meltdown" is the norm for us right now each day as this issue continues to drag on, and on, and on, and on, and on, etc., ad naseum. This issue should never have even reached this point. In 2000, it wasn’t feasible to push the issue thanks to that idiot Jeffords from Vermont.
In 2002, the GOP base gave them what they asked for. A majority in the Senate. 52 seats in the Senate after the voting was all said and done. They had their majority. But after watching the RINOs wander the pasture of the Senate for a year or so, the GOP pulled out all the stops. Prior to the 2004 election, the judicial nominees were being held up, and they campaigned on that issue. They claimed if the base just gave them a clear-cut majority they could get the job done.

In 2004, not only did the base deliver Pres. Bush back to the White House, but we increased our hold on the House, and increased the majority in the Senate. Again, the base gave them their wish. 55 seats in the Senate. They had their clear majority. Since the convening of the new session of Congress, the urgency of the GOP towards judicial nominees didn’t arise until about a month or so ago. I’ve been harping on it for a bit longer than that, just not on a regular business. (Hey, being a blogger means I have a full plate of issues and topics already. Even I have to juggle a bit.)

Now, we’re seeing that the majority we delivered them isn’t enough, or doesn’t seem so. We already have McCain and Chaffee on record as saying they will oppose the party’s idea of exercising the Constitutional Option. (I must make a correction. I earlier posted that Chaffee was from Nebraska. I stand corrected. He is from Rhode Island. I apologize for the mistake.)

But the GOP has several wobbly senators right now that are a detriment to this move should they abstain, or side with the Democrats. They are: Collins of Maine, DeWine of Ohio, Hagel of Nebraska, Snowe of Maine, Sununu of New Hampshire, Voinovich of Ohio, and Warner of Virginia. These are the seven RINOs that are considering the desertion of the party on this vote. Call them: 202-225-3121, or E-mail them. Be firm, but be polite, and urge them to side with the party when it comes to ending the filibusters of the judges.

For those that still think this is a non-issue, allow me to put this into perspective for you; crystal-clear perspective. Right now, any originalist jurist coming out of committee is being filibustered. It’s illegal, plain and simple. (If anyone would like to know what the Framers had in mind for appointments, I suggest Federalist # 76 and 77; very informative for the ill-educated.) It does not matter whether it is a Hispanic judge, a Black judge, a woman, or what have you. They are automatically filibustered by the Democrats based on the sole fact that they believe in the Constitution, and that they believe their job is to interpret it. And, I guess if you’re a Democrat, that’s a crime. To someone like myself, the crime is being perpetuated by the Democrats, and RINOs like McCain and Chaffee.

As long as these jurists are filibustered, there is no hope for the remainder of the president’s term in office to get any originalist jurist on the bench. The problem seems small until you take into account that Chief Justice Rehnquist will step down in June at the end of the current Supreme Court session. He is not well, and his health is fading fast with his continued exertions on the Court. Now, here is your question: How will we replace the vacancy on the Court? Worse yet, a new chief justice will need to be appointed. Anyone want to take bets on how nasty the Democrats will be should someone like Justices Scalia or Thomas be appointed to that position?

Remember, it’s a new post, and they will have to go back through the confirmation process again. I can almost certainly guarantee people that the confirmation hearings for either will be dog-fights, and quite frankly, I’m not sure the GOP has the intestinal fortitude to see them through. Rumors are that Scalia will be the man, as Thomas is on the record as not wanting the position. I’m prepared to watch Scalia be savaged by the Democrats, but if this filibuster crap is still going on, I doubt we will see him, or his replacement confirmed.

This issue is more important than anything being contemplated by the Senate right now. To hell with the highway bills. Social Security has been "solvent" by Democrat definitions for years now, so there’s no immediate need there. So, let’s push the envelope. Call for the vote. Hey, win or lose, it doesn’t matter. Personally, I want it to succeed. Duh. Unlike McCain, I stand on the side of the Constitution, not some petty Senate rule that allows someone to throw a temper-tantrum at the drop of a hat over nominees.

The Democrats can’t win at the ballot box. They can’t win in the realm of ideas. They keep getting their @$$es handed to them every time an election has come around since 1994. And that is what they are afraid of the most. They don’t have the votes to stop these people from coming out of committee, and they’re afraid they don’t have the votes to stop them now. But that is the proper check and balance for the Executive branch in the Congress. If you can stop his initiatives or his nominees, knock yourself out. I truly think that if Frist presses this issue to it’s conclusion—and does so quickly; speed is of the essence on this issue—that it will spell out the final defeat of a once great party. And it will force them back into the "soul-searching" phase they were in after another sound defeat from the opposition.

Publius II


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