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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Hit Them: Do Not Back Down Now…

As many of our regular readers know, both of the lunatics in this Asylum are in favor of the GOP forcing the Constitutional Option in the Senate to end the unconstitutional filibusters over Pres. Bush’s judicial nominees. This issue reared it’s head in the beginning of March. It gained some serious steam in mid-March. Then the bloggers latched onto it, and propelled it forward at light-speed proportions.

Suddenly, the Senate fell under a level of scrutiny that they did not like. People were taking notice of their actions. Hugh Hewitt pushed even harder when he posted the Capitol switchboard number on his site, along with a link to the E-mail addresses to the senators. Here, at the Asylum, we followed suit. Overnight, their phones exploded with angry voters reminding them of their commitment to the president. Many senators have admitted that this quick-start, grass-roots movement is having an effect. They are getting the message. But the GOP leaders are feeling some heat, too.

In 2000, Pres. Bush was elected, and for a very brief time, the GOP had the majority in the Senate. Then, "Jumpin" Jim Jeffords jumped, and the GOP was, once again, in the minority. In 2002, we gave the GOP what they asked for—a majority in the Senate. In 2004, we reelected Bush, and delivered them a greater majority; one that should have been considered unbeatable. But the Democrats are not playing by the rules. The GOP ran on a platform in 2004 of standing up for the president’s nominees. They are just now getting around to it; the new session of Congress convened in January, and it is April now. These could not be construed as a party that is desperate to set the process of advise and consent right.

But, at least they are addressing it now, before the Supreme Court ends it’s session. Rehnquist is expected to retire from the high court then. Frist, in an attempt to work through this issue, met with Harry Reid. I give kudos to Frist for not caving in, and refusing to accept the offer that Reid presented. There should not have been any negotiating on this subject. Here is how the negotiations should have gone:

Frist to Reid: "End your filibusters, or else."

The Arizona Republic had an interesting op-ed on Tuesday called "Filibuster Fuss", and Arizona’s "esteemed" paper of record was calling for the Republicans and Democrats to negotiate a compromise. (Thomas has seen the op-ed, and he is busy preparing a measured response.) Needless to say, the paper wrote the piece using the talking points being perpetuated by the Democrats.

"But the vital middle is exactly where they [both parties] need to go. And a sniff of the political winds suggest that is where a growing number of the less bellicose Senate leaders are trying to direct the debate."

Reid to Frist: "Kneel before Zod!"
Frist to Reid: "As you wish."

This is typical of Democrat negotiation when it comes to conservatives. Tyrants and dictators, they capitulate to, which should kill their "Bush is Hitler" arguments. They want the GOP to cave in because they are afraid that they will not be able to stop the GOP. Which may also explain why after the meeting, Reid called Frist practically begging him not to execute the Option.

According to Frist this past weekend, Santorum on Tuesday, and Mitch McConnell today, the GOP has the votes to back up the move. True or not, Frist should bring it to the floor of the Senate immediately. This should be done before the Senate goes into it’s week-long recess. If he does not, he had better bring it to the floor—bright and early—that first Monday they are back.

This needs to end now. The judiciary is at stake, and we need originalist jurists on the bench. The Left cannot be allowed to continue "passing" their agenda through an activist judiciary that disregards the law, and shows utter disdain to the Constitution’s proper interpretation.

The Bunny ;)


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