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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I Concur; The War Starts Here.

My partner is, as always, on the money when it comes to issues concerning the judiciary. Despite his lack of a law fegree, he grasps the law better than many "laymen", and I know quite a few that say he knows what he is talking about. I trust Thomas when it comes to Constitutional Law.

And I trust him on this too. Not because of the obvious, but because I have researched it myself, and based on that research he is right. The Constitutional option that is being spoken of is the only route to take. The filibuster must be broken. And I wonder why so many (9 at last count) keep showing reluctance to this action. I think it is nothing more than a form of cum-uppance. They want the ability to hold onto their power, and their ability to act like the Democrats at a later date.

This is not progress. This is not what is entailed in the enumeration of powers to the Senate--and the legislative branch as a whole. But it lies in the purview of the Senate to approve and confirm the nominees that the president has offered up. But with the way the Democrats had acted over these nominees, one would think they were the Devil incarnate. They refuse to attend the Judicial Committee hearings. They "filibuster" these nominees on the floor of the Senate instead of giving them their straight-up vote. They are entitled to it. A simple majority vote is all that is required. Yet, that is not what has been given. In the Democrats definition of "abuse", the nominees have a case with how long they have been attacked and delayed.

This kind of behavior from the Democrats is pathetic. "We do not like you, so you get not vote; and if you persist, I'll stick my tongue out at you." It is the behavior of a baby. Whine, cry, complain, and moan that you are not getting your way. Guess what? Life is not fair. Sometimes, it is painful. Deal with it.

The GOP dealt with it for more than forty years. We fought. We scratched. We clawed our way up. Now that we have the power--now that we have a hold of the toy--the Democrats do not wish to give it up. The problem is that there is nothing to give up. They lost power a long time ago. They should have known that their ideology was not ready to stand the scrutiny of the nation.

They also forget that the Founding Fathers put their trust in the American people. We can smell Bravo-Sierra when it is dished onto our plates, and the Democrat ideology is precisely that. What they are doing in the Senate is reprehensible; were I of the Constitutional mind of my other half, I'd venture a guess at an impeachable offense. They do take an oath to uphold the Constitution.

And this Senate rule is doing anything but upholding the Constitution. Articel II, Section 2 of the Constitution allows the president to nominate appointees to positions within the federal structure. This applies to ambassadors, secretaries, and judges. He has this right, and the Democrats are denying them their right to an up-or-down vote. In doing so, they are denying the president his right to appoint qualified people to their rightful positions. Without being given their vote, they are denied their right, and the president is denied his.

Thomas is right. This is the only option left open to the GOP. They must call for the removal of this Senate rule. There is not right within the Constitution that allows anyone the right to filibuster the president's nominees on the Senate floor. That is something best left for committee, where it belongs.

But this must be done. This "line in the sand" has to be drawn, and this issue must be forced. The Democrats have said they will shut business down in the Senate? Let them try. I do not think they have the ability, nor the courage to do so. Let them run to the cameras and proclaim they are saving the Constitution by shutting down the Senate. America, despite their spin, is not stupid.

The Democrats lack the initiative to make such declaration. They lack the fortitutde to enforce such a decree. And they lack the courage to handle such a decision. 2006 is right around the corner. They might find themselves on the receiving end of a Tom Daschle @$$-whooping. And I further agree with Thomas: The GOP could face the same, so they had better mind their step. Force the issue. Hold the line. And above all, restore the Constitution to where it belongs.

The Bunny ;)


Blogger Syd And Vaughn said...


Thanks for the praise. I appreciate it. But my goal was not to gain praise. It was to inform. This is not an issue that can be ignored. The time is now to act. To do otherwise is a detriment to the nation, as a whole.


7:48 PM  

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