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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Just Remember CNN in Baghdad...

I picked up this earlier today (Monday) and didn't get a chance to post anything on it, so here goes.


Iran, which long castigated the United States as the “Great Satan”, is to promote its tourist potential on America’s CNN television station and Britain’s BBC, the country’s vice-president for tourism Hossein Marachi has revealed to AFP.
Tense relations between Tehran and Washington will not stop Iran from exploiting its attractions on the US cable network, said Marachi, who insists US sanctions preventing American companies from trading with Iran “will not apply in this instance”.

Both BBC and CNN campaigns should start within two months under a one-year contract, the value of which Marachi did not disclose.

Kevin Young, acting head of public relations for BBC World, said: “There have been long discussions about this and we’re optimistic the campaign will be launched but it’s not been finalised yet.”

He added that no actual starting date had been decided and the ads would only be shown on the state-funded broadcaster’s semi-commercial BBC World.

“We would be looking at what we call a spot campaign, which is a straightforward commercial campaign for 30- or 60-second adverts that would appear for a period of six months.”

Spokesman Nigel Pritchard for CNN international in Atlanta said only: “We can’t comment on commercial deals unless they are in place. There is no deal in place.”

Marachi said Iran would provide footage for the slots.
“They will show Iranian tourist sites. ”You’ll not see Friday prayers," he added with a smile.

So, I guess CNN missed the memo over their outrageous journalistic felony committed under Saddam's regime in Iraq, huh? CNN wants to post up tourist ads on their channel for a known enemy of this nation. Can anyone imagine someone doing this in 1941 after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. I can't.

No, Iran hasn't attacked us, as yet--that we are aware of. However, their ties to terrorism are as plain as Saddam's, and they serve as "shock-troops" for Iran, much like the Fedayeen were for Saddam. But I guess CNN is willing to disregard this. And the fact that they still lop off limbs. Or that they still believe in public stonings? And despite my misgivings about Iran, I can honestly say that they do one thing right. They flog and hang child molesters. Good for them. Can we petition for that here? Not the hanging part; just the execution part.

But CNN is willing to set aside all we know about Iran--it's nuclear ambitions, it's theocratic control over it's populace--and run tourist ads for them? Who in their right mind would consider Iran a "vacation spot". And I doubt that they view the idea of a "tourist trap" the same way we do. They hate the West, and everything it stands for.

So why bother doing it? It wouldn't have anything to do with CNN getting it's ass kicked in the ratings now, would it? It is truly sad when a news organization--one that enjoys it's freedoms so much--that it has to resort to gaining support from an enemy to be relevent and alive.

But this shouldn't come to anyone's surprise. Since the 1960's the media has been showing more and more of our enemies in a more....serene light. Not hard to imagine after the fluff-piece the LA Times ran about North Korea. But the media has had it out for this country for a long time. And this just goes to show you can't trust the MSM. In the end, they will always cave to their ideology, and the dollars others are willing to spend; no matter their allegiances.

Publius II


Anonymous RepJ said...

"Death to America. Death to Israel" Naw, they are our friends, dude. What's up?

6:52 AM  

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