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Sunday, April 10, 2005


A lot of people have inquired about links. I’m all about making links. The problem is I’m a moron in some retrospect, and I’m learning as I go along on this new site. As yet, I haven’t figured out how to put up links here. So, an alternate site has been created, and hopefully it’s accessible to everyone. If it’s not, I’m sorry, and I can only work so fast. I will try to work faster, but in the meantime, your link will be up on the alternate site. In the meantime, as a hopefully-welcome addition to the "regular Sunday theme" of song lyrics, we will be posting our daily links. These are sites which we visit daily, sometimes multiple times in a day. This is an ongoing list that not only provides links, but our reasons why we visit this site. We all have favorites, but there’s a reason we venture there on a semi-regular basis. These sites, Marcie and I hit everyday. For those of you that dislike blogs, or even distrust them, remember this; we scoop the media on a daily basis—in one form or another. So, trust me when I tell you that these links are well worth putting in your favorites.

First up, the "granddaddy" of the blogosphere. Drudge has been on top of more stories than he has ever been given credit for. And he is a primary resource tool for anyone; blogger or otherwise. Drudge epitomizes the essence of the bloggers; it is just that the bloggers have taken his idea a step farther. We do not just comment on the news. We act as "ombudsmen", as well. We hold those that believe themselves above scrutiny under such scrutiny. Are we saying that we are better than them? Hardly. But like Drudge, we are saying—with "authority"—we will report news that is pertinent to the day, the time, and the issue; regardless of it’s "partisan" bias.

Hugh Hewitt has been anointed—by us, alone—as the "King of the Blogosphere". He has absolute faith in bloggers, and understands that this is the realm the media either needs to recognize, or must adapt to handle. To adapt means one must have all their ducks in a row before they run with a story. The MSM hasn’t learned this lesson yet; evidenced by the ABC talking points memo. They ran with a story where they could not prove the allegations they made. Had this been 20 years ago, people would not have paid it any attention. But with the prompting of Hugh Hewitt, and others, to start blogs, the MSM now has approximately seven million pairs of eyes on them, at the least, watching them. That’s a lot of scrutiny to handle. Even stronger men would be intimidated by so many watchful eyes. Says a lot about the MSM when they’re still willing to buck the new system, and keep proceeding as though everything were twenty years ago. Welcome to the 21st Century, boys and girls; the bloggers are here, and we are here to stay. And Hewitt’s prompted plenty of people to take up the fight.

John Hindrocker and the guys at PowerLine are some of the best among the bloggers. They have been the bane of the MSM for some time; rooting out the little white lies that they telland present on an almost daily basis. They have held many a columnist and journalist to a level of scrutiny that reminds many of an adept schoolteacher attempting to emphasize a point to a student. They also have an uncanny knack for dealing with international issues and the international media. Master researchers, it takes little time for them to gain the confirmation on issues that they post. And they are the "lead" site, in our humble opinion, of one of the most potent blogger alliances on the ‘Net: The Minnesota Organization of Bloggers.

"Captain" Ed Morrissey is definitely among the elite in the blogosphere. Like many bloggers, he has his "day" job, but blogging is a passion, and Captain Ed shows not only passion, but tempered knowledge in the issues he tackles. He led the charge in the Sgrena incident. And currently, he is leading the bloggers in the coverage of a Canadian corruption trial. Like PowerLine, the media doesn’t evade the scrutiny of Captain Ed, as was evident through the coverage of the Sgrena incident where the Euro-press continued to hype her side of the facts despite the overwhelming amounts of information coming out about what really happened.

"Saint" LaShawn, as we like to call her, is one among only a few really well-known women bloggers. But she has shown time and again that she can hang with the big boys. Her primary focus is on religion; primarily Christianity. She was an integral site to visit during the Terri Schiavo case, and she has written some wonderful blogs regarding the passing of Pope John Paul II. But she does not just stick to religious issues. She is an "omnium-blogger"; she touches on everything no matter the issue. And she has an uncanny knack for seeing things in a common sense light that many do not; life is too hectic for many people. She focuses attention where she feels it needs to be at.

Ha-ha. Both of us agree that Charles Johnson is probably one of the best bloggers on the ‘Net not just because of the topics he covers—which, like "Saint" LaShawn, is wide and varied—but because of the following he has generated. He is beyond funny. (Those that disagree, click on my earlier post about "Not Quite Flying Pigs", and read the comments from his "Lizardoids") He likes to photoblog a lot, usually providing various open thread discussions about simple, mundane items. The comments are what make his vision so funny. But Charles is right on top of his game. He can take a piece of credit for driving the final nails in Dan Rather’s coffin.

There are a lot of bloggers on the Internet. Some have their own sites that they pay for. For those of us that do not have the funds to maintain such a site, there are alternatives. A few of the bloggers we talk to on a semi-regular basis have utilized the alternates. Republican Jen is one of them. She is a funny, yet serious woman
that tackles more than her fair share of issues. And like many, she too is an "omnium-blogger". She is not tied down to just a few topics. She is knowledgeable in a wide variety of topics, and her writing surpasses many within the blogosphere.

Rawriter is a close friend of mine that got turned onto blogging by watching me. He doesn’t post a lot, but when he does, it is on something he feels a passion to speak out about. His wisdom is a welcome addition to both of our lives, and he is someone that I go to with questions about a limited scope of ideas. And that doesn’t mean he’s "limited" in his knowledge. But he knows far more about things that I am just beginning to scratch the surface of. And his blog reflects it.

Pat is a new friend that we have met recently that took a liking to our writing. In like fashion, we have begun reading his site, and it’s a very good site to visit. The posts put up regarding former President Clinton are on the money in reflecting what type of a president this man really was. Everyone knows about a couple of the scandals that rocked his presidency, but few comment on the majority of them.
And as he writes, he is a free-market capitalist. He is also a staunch conservative that believes in the concept of a united front; an idea made manifest in the blogosphere.

This site was where both her and I got our starts at. Thomas is another good friend that is an excellent columnist, and he serves as the Editor of Common Conservative. He has a funny and irreverent style that reminds many of Ann Coulter. And the site features a group of regular columnists, and section for special guest writers. That’s where we’ve been at, and we’ve had a few published up there. From time-to-time—even in this hectic world—we find time to revisit the roots in terms of submissions. But we always check it on the 1st and 16th of each month; the day the new issues come out. And we never miss The Bottom Line.

So, these are just a fraction of the links we go to. The link-list, until we figure it out here on The Asylum, are up on a back-up site:

This will serve as the permanent list until things can be corrected here. Please visit them. Put them in your favorites, and read them. These are not the drooling, brain-dead, pajama-clad buffoons the MSM has labeled them. Almost every blogger on the Internet is a professional of some sorts; they have their day jobs, blogging is just a hobby. But for a lot of the professionals out there, this gives them a way to share their insight, their wisdom, and their knowledge with a vast audience. They knew this when they got into blogging, and they relish every moment of it. So do we all, and we strive for the same thing that they have achieved. Recognition, respect, and readers.

Publius II & The Bunny ;)


Anonymous RepJ said...

Thank you for the kudos! :) The two of you add wisdom to the internet. {{Hugs}}

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