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Friday, April 22, 2005

John Kerry’s Comedy Of Errors.

Now, here’s a man we had all hoped wouldn’t pop back onto the public scene. After being soundly beaten in last year’s elections by Pres. Bush, we surmised that Kerry would take the role that Al Gore did in mediocrity. But, thanks to Hugh Hewitt, we see that he hasn’t gone away. And now, he’s rambling on about a subject that he has no idea about. Below is an excerpt from Hugh’s site.

"Forces outside the mainstream now seem to effortlessly push Republican leaders toward conduct that the American people really don't want in their elected leaders, inserting the government into our private lives, injecting religion into debates about public policy where it doesn't apply.

I will take this one. If America did not care about the nominees, then why is the Congressional switchboard (202-225-3121; Call them Today!) lighting up like the White House Christmas tree? Americans—conservative-minded ones—are making it explicitly clear that they do want originalist jurists on the bench. It has nothing to do with "religion". It has to do with the proper role of the courts. We are not outside the mainstream. Senator Kerry and his cronies in the Senate are outside the mainstream. And what America wants out of their elected leaders is responsible, sound representation in Washington. As of right now, we are not getting that. We have a GOP wobbly on whether or not to go forward with the Constitutional Option, and whiny cry-babies like Kerry throwing little hissy fits.

Jumping through hoops to ingratiate themselves to their party's base while step-by-step and day-by-day real problems that keep Americans up at night fall by the wayside here in Washington. We each have to ask ourselves, 'Who's going to stop it? Who's going to stand up and say "Are we really going to allow this to continue?' Are Republicans in the House going to continue spending the people's time defending Tom DeLay or they going to defend America and defend our democracy?

This one’s mine. What problems is Kerry referring to that keeps anyone up at night. I sleep pretty soundly. I wonder what’s bugging him? It couldn’t be that he sees his party has no ideas to help move this nation forward as he and his "progressive" brethren claim they’re doing, could it? And why would you want to stop those calling their Senators to voice their concern over this illegal filibuster? Is the man who ran for president last year, that claimed he cared a great deal for the Constitution, now claiming we have too much of a voice? We’re not extreme in any sense of the word. We want what is right, and the filibuster isn’t right. And what a classless swipe at Rep. DeLay. The House GOP is defending DeLay because, just like Abu Ghraib, the Delay corruption accusations are a media-driven, non-existent scandal. DeLay went to Moscow on a private organization’s dime. If the Democrats really want to open this can of worms up, they had better think twice. Nancy Pelosi is being looked at by the House Ethics Committee over a trip that her and several Democrats took in 2001 to Puerto Rico; one that supposedly was paid for by a private firm—just like Tom DeLay. Oh, and here's a memo to Sen. Kerry: The GOP does defend America. We went to war. Pres. Clinton opted to not go to war after watching America or America's interests abroad be attacked numerous times during his eight years in office. We don't need a lecture about defending America, or her democracy.

Will Republican senators let their silence endorse Senator Frist's appeal to religious division, or will they put principle ahead of partisanship and refuse to follow him across that line? Are we really willing to allow the Senate to fall in line with the Majority Leader when he invokes faith, faith, all of our faiths over here? Joe Lieberman's a person of faith. Harry reid's a person of faith. And they don't believe we should rewrite the rules of the United States Senate, and we certainly shouldn't allow this issue of people who believe in the Constitution somehow challenging the faith of others in our nation.

Silence? Has he not heard the interviews given by John Kyl, Rick Santorum, Bill Frist, Mel Martinez, etc., where they are telling everyone they know the base is not happy? And this vote to shatter this illegal Senate procedure is not to promote any sort of religious discord. When did religion get injected into this debate? I can speak for both Thomas and I that the entire time we have blogged on this we have never brought up religion. We have stood on the side of the Constitution, and the law. That is what this issue is all about. We do not understand where this rhetoric about religion is coming from other than to obscure the real reason for the Constitutional Option. It is much like those on the Left spreading the lie that should this vote go down, the filibuster, as a whole, will be abolished. Nothing could be further from the truth, and John Kerry is showing he is not even close to reality.We are not challenging any faiths in this nation over the Constitutional Option. We are simply doing what must be done to either approve or disapprove these very well-qualified jurists.

Are we going to allow the Majority Leader to invoke faith to rewrite Senate rules to put substandard, extremist judges on the bench? Is that where we are now? It is not up to us to tell any one of our colleagues what to believe as a matter of faith. I can tell you what I do believe though. When you have got tens of thousands of innocent souls perished in Darfur, when 11 million children are without health insurance, when our colossal debt subjects our economic future to the whims of Asian bankers, no on can tell me that faith demands all of a sudden that you put the Senate into a position where it is going to pull itself apart over the question of a few judges. No one with those priorities has a right to use faith to intimidate anyone of us."

When has Senator Frist invoked ‘faith’? And as for the jurists, they’re anything but substandard. His accusation that they’re extremist is purely laughable. It’s also scary. It’s scary to think that a sitting United States senator believes that the proper interpretation of the Constitution is considered "extreme". In Federalist #78, Hamilton wrote that "The interpretation of the laws is the proper and peculiar province of the courts." That is what this is all about. It isn’t about injecting faith or religion anywhere. That’s a red herring in this debate. And Hugh’s right: This rambling diatribe sounds more like a paranoid Joe McCarthy than anything else. And why is he bringing up Darfur? Isn’t that a pet project of his precious and extremely corrupt UN?

Kerry, in short is a nut. This little speech by him is insane. He brings up subjects that have absolutely no relation, whatsoever, in this debate. This debate over the constitutional Option has two simple sides to it. Either you stand for the Constitution, and all it’s powers enumerated within it, or you stand for a lousy Senate rule, which suspends those enumerated powers.

As both Marcie and I have pointed out, this rule is blocking the president’s right to make appointments, and see those appointments receive their proper vote. And it’s all over the fact that the Democrats in the Senate don’t want these few jurists on the bench because they believe in interpreting the law, rather than making it up out of the "emanations in the penumbra". Which, because of their admitted prejudice (See his above statement regarding extremist judges), it shows that the Democrats really are as Constitutionally-illiterate as I expected.

That illiteracy is dangerous. When the lines between right and wrong, within one’s ideology, become that blurred, it is time for a change. And I do not simply reserve that for Kerry and the Democrats. The GOP has plenty of it’s own wobbly people, and one that already stabbed the party in the back. If Senator Kerry thinks that his rambling, makes-no-sense thoughts are going to sway the GOP away from this vote, he is wrong. Senator Frist needs to pull this vote off now. Next week is too late. The GOP has dithered it’s time away already on this. Enough with the waiting.

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