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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Lucy And The Football…

The Democrats are pathetic. Harry Reid took the stage today, and had a few words for the press over the Constitutional Option. This came on the heels of an offer made by Frist over this fight. I disagree with the very concept of even attempting a negotiation. If he has the votes he claims he has, it’s time to end this. But, in typical Reid fashion, he said that an agreement to Frist’s proposal would be a "big wet kiss to the far right." Let this be a lesson to us. The Left never wants to truly look at any offer from a conservative. They’re the intellectual ones, after all; remember?

My other half quite eloquently described "negotiations" between the Democrats and the Republicans in the Senate. It’s typical. But this is not a time to capitulate, and that is pretty much what Harry Reid did today. Anyone remember the Peanuts cartoons? Lucy and the football……

Lucy would beg Charlie Brown to kick the football. "Come on, Charlie Brown, you have my word, I won’t pull the football away." And she would pad Charlie Brown’s ego until he would take a shot at kicking the football. NEVER ONCE, did he ever connect with it. She always yanked it away in the end. And that’s what Reid’s diatribe after Frist’s offer was made today.

Oh, if they’d just stop this. Oh, please the Constitution is at stake. These people have gotten their votes. We’re not obstructing. Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah. Nice try, Reid, too bad it isn’t working. You can throw our your 24 hour polls, but WE have seen the numbers, and they are glaringly true.

Tha majority of America wants the GOP to put up or shut up. I’m on that side, but not because I’m tired of the rhetoric, or the debate. It’s important to me; to us. We’re not just going to go away. They either push this issue, and succeed or fail. If they succeed, bravo for them. Great accomplishment, now finish your damn job, and get these people to the bench, and to their proper posts.

If they fail…we have a list of names that are to be removed from office. No, I’m not advocating violence. Duh. However, if you have the ability, like we do in Arizona, to execute a recall effort to force your senator into a recall election, then do it. If not, campaign against them in the primaries. Do what you can. Don’t support those that are willing to change the proper role of the Senate—under Article II of the Constitution—and trump the president’s right to nominate well-qualified individuals for posts on the federal level.

And these people are more than qualified. The ABA has stated that each of the ten remaining jurists are qualified, or more than qualified to hold the posts they’re being appointed to. The ABA is hardly "conservative". Their liberal views are more than apparent most of the time. But they agree that these ten jurists can do their job properly on the benches they’re assigned to.

But the Democrats can’t afford to let these people come up because they can’t stop them. Reid’s "Peanuts Plea" today shows that, as does his impassioned plea after Tuesday’s meeting with Frist. He knows they can’t stop these nominees. He knows that if he can "bully" Frist into backing down, or capitulating, he has won. Frist, thus far—and quite surprisingly—has maintained a stiff upper lip on this. I congratulate him.

Good man, now bring it home. Don’t even think compromise tomorrow. Bring this to the floor, and one way or another, end this. Don’t wait. You are starting to lose an edge on the PR wars, and don’t look to Bush to help you. He could, but I doubt he will; he reluctantly used the recess appointment on Pickering before, and now he’s back waiting for confirmation. For God’s sake, man, end this now.

Publius II


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