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Saturday, April 16, 2005

No Quarter? Try No Mercy

Very few issues raise my ire. Most of the time, my "columns" are merely commentary. But in certain cases—like Terri Schiavo, like Giuliani Sgrena accusing our troops of a crime, like defending bloggers, like defending our troops, like defending the president’s decision to respond to the attacks of September 11th—these will raise my blood pressure easily. I would like to add another to that list. That would be the Republican’s inability to act on the issue of the Constitutional Option.

Whereas my partner is willing to delve into a level of emotion to execute his rants, I will not. What the Democrats are doing is illegal, plain and simple. The Constitution is specific in the area of nominees. "Advise and consent" is the proper and peculiar job of the Senate in dealing with presidential nominees. And as my partner has pointed out, "advise" comes in the committees, and "consent" comes with the Senate voting on them. That is it. There is no room for debate. And there is certainly no room for "rules" superseding the Constitution.

The Constitution is where all of our laws have originated from. EVERY state in the union has portions of the US Constitution within their own State Constitutions. It is the final word regarding what is legal and illegal in the US. You can be a fool, and spout racial epitaphs. The government can come in seize something of yours, provided they have a warrant to do so. And the States do have the final say in regards to legislation governing their citizens, provided it does not violate any rights already enumerated within the Constitution.
This Senate rule is directly violating the Constitution. And it needs to be removed, and that is what Sen. Frist is setting his sights on. Granted, he is taking his time in doing so, and I understand that. He does not want to go to the floor in a losing effort from the start. But this is not a win/lose game at this point. Thomas is correct: This issue needs to be forced right down the throat of the Democrats. The people that put these men and woman back in power are depending on them to do their job. As of yet, they have not.

As Thomas pointed out, and it is a FACT that Hugh Hewitt also pointed out, the Republicans have not forced this issue in committee for three out of the last four weeks. This, ladies and gentlemen, is unacceptable. There is a level of obligation owed to the president, and the Republicans in the Senate are reluctant to do so. Are we surprised? I, for one, am not. We made gains in the House, and have continued to add seats there, since 1994. In 2000, President Bush (duly-elected, to the chagrin of the Left) had a 51 vote majority in the Senate.

Then Jim Jeffords decided to have a crisis of conscience. He switched from being a Republican to an Independent. He is entitled to do so, but he only did so because those on the Left promised him his committee chairmanship. So, the Republicans went to the people and said they needed more seats in the Senate. Again, the people delivered in 2002. The Republicans—still shocked over having power back-peddled from the Left. They said they needed more seats. In 2004, not only did we deliver Pres. Bush back into office, but we also gave them more seats. The Republicans have fifty-five seats now, and I am waiting to hear them scream they do not have enough seats.

It is not the seats they need. What they need most is a backbone.

Have these people not studied the lessons of history? How about Machiavelli? They have the majority. They need to quit acting like they are afraid of their shadow, and start forcing issues. Here is a hint for the party I belong to: The Left will never accept you, even if you do cave in to EVERYTHING they demand. They do not like us, and they are doing everything they can to stop us, and our agenda. We are at odds, and while that does present some problems, they are not key to this issue.

One thing that is key is the constant shrieks from our side of the aisle over whether they should vote against it so they may control this power at a later date. This is a red herring. If they do not have the backbone to stand up now, then what is to say they will have it at a later date. Besides, there is something I find incredibly disingenuous about using an illegal power to exact revenge. And that is what these RINOs sound like. Willing to sacrifice the Constitution over their personal political preferences to maintain power.

Thomas and I stand on the side that if this issue is not forced—if the Republicans fail to shed that yellow-streak down their backs—there is no more money going to them. Anyone, like Sen. McCain, that does vote against the Option is finished. They will have nothing. No seat in the Senate. No presidency. Nothing.

Thomas likes to say we will give these people no quarter. To hell with that. I plan on giving them no mercy, and no place to hide.

The Bunny ;)


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