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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Time For The Base To Clean House

The GOP has a problem. It’s part "public relations", and it’s part "ideology", and I hate to give away the ending, but it’s all the fault of the moderates. Maybe the "party of Reagan" has been out of power for so long that they have forgotten it’s taste. Maybe they have the "battered wife syndrome" going on, and they’re afraid to stand up for the people that elected them. Regardless of the excuse, this can’t be allowed to continue; I’m watching the downfall of the party I put my faith in. We could take a gigantic step forward if the moderates posing as Republicans in the Senate were dumped.

Don’t get me wrong, moderation in a debate or over and issue is good. It shows that both sides can compromise. But the leading moderates in the GOP don’t compromise. They surrender. And in the grand political game, there can be no such concept as surrender. Both parties are vying for control, and the moderates are practically handing the victory over to the other side. The list of the usual suspects is a short list, but in the Senate where the GOP has a commanding majority, eight or nine moderates is enough to throw any partisan issue into chaos. And one of the most important issues is the Constitutional Option. I stated it yesterday that this is a party vote. And just like always, the same RINOs have popped up on the radar screen.

Lincoln Chafee-RI
Saxby Chambliss-GA
Chuck Hagel-NE
John McCain-AZ
Olympia Snowe-ME
Arlen Specter-PA

The above are the usual suspects. Below are the ones that are now starting to show a level of moderate colors. At least, they're starting to when it comes to the Constitutional Option. Imagine, these people would rather stand up for a lousy rule--to protect their petty power--rather than stand up for the Constitution.

Lamar Alexander-TN
Susan Collins-ME
Chuck Hagel-NE
John Sununu-NH
John Warner-VA

These people are not "Reagan conservatives". These are people that strive for attention and praise from their ideological opposites. They just want to be liked. And they gain what they desire by siding with the party’s opponents. Then those opponents go out and praise them when they stab their colleagues in the back. And among the RINOs, McCain is the most outspoken one, by far.

During the election, McCain constantly criticized the administration over the GWOT, especially the Iraq phase of the war, while continuing to campaign for the president. That’s the height of hypocrisy, in my opinion. A presidential opponent of FDR once remarked that he wouldn’t criticize the president on his efforts during World War II; he considered such comments to be bordering on treason. And we shouldn’t forget his incessant whining about the 527s that he created with his faulty campaign finance reform bill. He tried to savage the Swift Boat Vets over their criticism of John Kerry’s qualifications to become commander-in-chief. They had legitimate concerns about Kerry, having served with the man. And they were afraid that Kerry hadn’t learned from the mistakes he made in the past. They were speaking the truth the whole time, as was evident when the "Christmas-Eve-not-in-Cambodia" story broke, and Kerry started changing his "facts" regarding the incident. And instead of using his head, and checking the facts, McCain defended Kerry, and attacked the Swift Boat Vets. It didn't matter to McCain that these men who fought for their country had been vindicated in their accusations. This is still evident today, as 11 weeks ago, John Kerry said he'd sign his Form 180, and has yet to do so.

It’s one thing to occasionally disagree with your party. I’ve done so on quite a few occasions, but my ideology hasn’t changed. I still believe in the Constitution in it’s original intent, I still believe in limited government, and I believe that the "proper and peculiar province of the courts" is the interpretation of the law, not the making of law. These ideals I hold true. Moderates don’t. To them power, praise, attention, and acceptance are their ideals. It’s, perhaps, the primary reasons why they wake up every morning. This go-along, get-along, surrender mentality is rotting the GOP’s core.

It’s time to clean house, folks. And no offense to Ronald Reagan, but these people are not covered under his "11th Commandment" of not speaking ill of another Republican. These people don’t deserve the protection. They don’t deserve our respect or our support any longer. If they’re going to turn their back on the party, then it’s time for the base to turn their backs on them. These people aren’t real Republicans. They possess the same smug, selfish, self-righteous attitude that the liberals do. Don’t question me, I’m an intellectual. But this nation doesn’t need intellectuals like them. It needs good and moral men and women that use their heads and their God-given common sense to represent the people that put them in office.

Our Founding Fathers didn’t envision a government like we have today. The constant bickering, Congressmen attacking the president and the administration, a judiciary out of control, etc., would make them weep. And I could almost picture them reacting to the petty garbage in the Senate the same way Jesus reacted in the Temple in Jerusalem; overturning tables and desks, and chastising those there for their behavior. The politics of today disgust me, and it’s the number one reason why I want nothing to do with any elected office. I can’t play those games. Correction, I don’t play those games. These politicians are sent to Washington, DC to do a job; ones that moderates don’t want to be bothered with. They’re too busy getting their mug on the camera, or their name in the paper, or attending parties and hobnobbing to be bothered with doing the job they were sent there to do.

It’s time to dump these fools—no matter who they are. They can’t be trusted. They have proven time and again that when the chips are down, they’re nowhere to be found on our side. They’re too busy getting praise from the enemy. It’s time these people were shown the door the same way Tom Daschle was in 2004.

Publius II


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