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Friday, December 09, 2005

Tom Tancredo And The Border Bill Band-Aid

(HT: Hugh Hewitt)

Washington - As an immigration bill moved forward in the U.S. House on Thursday, a group of representatives led by Colorado's Tom Tancredo said it falls far short of what's needed and urged additions.

The group of about 15 House members, which also includes Colorado's Bob Beauprez and Marilyn Musgrave, listed many of the provisions they want included in the pending bill at a news conference Thursday.

They called for adding a dozen 30-mile fences between the United States and Mexico at key border crossings, barring financial institutions from accepting ID cards issued by the Mexican consulate to open accounts, and denying automatic citizenship to the U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants.

"Something instituted after the Civil War has been perverted now," said Musgrave, R-Fort Morgan, referring to the Constitution's 14th Amendment, which has been interpreted as granting citizenship to immigrants' U.S.- born children.

Beauprez, R-Arvada, also attended the news conference.

"We should use this opportunity to expand and broaden this debate and legislation to do all that we can to curb illegal immigration and secure our borders," Beauprez, a candidate for Colorado governor, said in a statement.

The immigration bill was authored by Rep. James Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, which approved the measure Thursday.

As now written, the legislation forces employers to verify the legal status of all employees within six years, provides money to law enforcement in border towns, turns illegal entry into the U.S. from a misdemeanor into a felony, increases penalties for immigration violations and makes more offenses deportable.

"We're going to spend a whole lot of time talking about how wonderful this bill is," Tancredo said. "(But) I don't want people to get the wrong impression, because it's not that great of a bill."

The group is preparing a package of amendments to give to the committee, which will decide how many can be debated when the immigration bill comes up for a vote by the full House.

At Thursday's Judiciary Committee meeting, a California lawmaker tried to amend the bill to add a guest-worker program that would let illegal immigrants stay legally in the country, at least temporarily. The committee voted down the amendment and passed the bill 23-15.

As our regular readers know, Marcie and I live in Arizona. That's right, we live in a border state. We've seen illegal immigration firsthand. But, I'd rather not focus ont he state's problems. Illegal immigration is a national problem because it affects our national security. We have two very porous borders, and Rep. Tancredo is correct. There needs to be more emphasis put on controlling our borders.

The anti-fence crowd crows that a fence isn't the answer. The illegal aliens will go over it, under it, or through it, and it's just a waste of money. Really? Information regarding the San Diego fence project show a different picture. They paint a picture that with a fence, the increase in border security guards, and a firm, tough stance on this issue will curtail the flow of illegal aliens into the nation. This is a serious issue involving national security, and it needs to be addressed on all sides.

We can create a "guest worker" program once we get this problem under control. In the meantime, we also need to identify those here in America that are illegal aliens. Whether they are border crossers, or those that traveled here on legitimate visas, and have overstayed them, we need to know who they are, and where they are. I know that the administration wants this "guest worker" program, but let's fix the problem that causes politicians to simply ignore the problem, and address the after effects. And they'd be wise to remember that this issue doesn't just upset people who live in border states. Other states in America have stated that they, too, have a problem with illegal aliens.

This problem is widespread, and it's high time that the government stand up and pay attention. We are a nation of laws, and these people are breaking those laws. It's time to get tough on border security. And tough doesn't mean "lip service" to the public. Tough means doing what you promise to do.

Publius II


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