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Sunday, December 18, 2005

President Ahmadinejad, Do Not Break Out The Bubbly Yet

AP Wires have picked this up.

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was taken to a Jerusalem hospital Sunday night after feeling ill while working in his office, officials said.

A Hadassah Hospital official said Sharon, 77, was awake and undergoing medical tests. A television report said the prime minister, who is extremely overweight, suffered a minor stroke.

He was taken directly to the emergency room of the hospital, the media reports said. Officials in Sharon's office were not available for comment.

Channel 2 TV said he was taken into the hospital on a stretcher.

Hospital spokeswoman Yael Bossem-Levy said Sharon was undergoing tests. She would not give additional details.

She told Israel TV that as far as she knew, Sharon was conscious.

I do hope the Iranian government is not celebrating prematurely on this news. PM Ariel Sharon is still alive. The stroke reported, as the AP wire reports states, was a minor one. Though the stroke itself has yet to be confirmed. Until it is, we are treating it as specualtion.

I know there will be people who are happy to see this happen. We are not counted among them. It would be a tragedy to see Mr. Sharon pass on, especially now. The Israelis are still contending with Hamas terrorists in Gaza, and they are focusing attention on Iran and it's nuclear programs.

The world may want to turn a blind eye to the moves of Pres. Ahmadinejad and his lust for nuclear weapons, but those nations believing in freedom must not; Iran is not to be trusted no matter what they tell the EU, or the world community as a whole. There is a reason that Iran has recently purchased surface-to-air missiles from Russia, and why they are still speaking with North Korea about their program. They are also seeking ICBM technology.

In short, Iran is not looking to develop nuclear power for electricity. They want it to build weapons. People tend to forget that they already have a nuclear power plant capable of creating electricity. And because this is a fact, they cannot explain to the EU nations they are negotiating with as to why they now desire a heavy water reactor. We know why, and shame on the EU for even considering the "award" of such a reactor to Iran.

A heavy water reactor will provide Iran with the enriched material for nuclear weapons. Their current reactor cannot do this. So, they are playing to the EU, and promising that they would never consider using the material produced for such things. It is a lie, to be sure; they desire the weapons as much as Saddam Hussein did.

And after recent remarks made by Pres. Ahmadinejad regarding Israel and Jews, it is no wonder why some in the world are apprehensive at the thought of him possessing such weapons. He has stated that they will attack Israel and "wipe them off the map" with nuclear weapons. He has stated that the Holocaust was a "myth," and then explained his Holocaust denial as the relocation of Jews to be "Europe's problem." This man is nothing short of mad.

So, if Iran is popping to corks over this little tidbit of news about Ariel Sharon, they might want to reconsider. He is alive. He is conscious, and he has not changed his ideas about a possible pre-emptive strike on Iran's nuclear facilities.

The Bunny ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

After WW2, the Jewish people said loud clear, "Never again" and they have built Israel under that banner. arafat, imho, the father of modern terrorism, threat to drive Israel into the sea was met with Never again. The threat by the two Iran leader to wipe Israel off the map will be met with "Never again." Israel will not tolerate those that threaten and hate them. I've predicted that Israel will wipe out Iran's nuclear war making program before it becomes more than a threat. Israel will not seek a resolution of the UN, its security council or ask our permission or anyone else's. We will know about it when it's done. Rawriter

8:04 PM  

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