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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Document One ... Regarding Human Shields ...

As promised, we are beginning our coverage of the document release carried out Thursday. Tons of documents and tapes were released by the administration concerning Iraq. As was guessed by our side, there is plenty of evidence to support our invasion. This is one in particular that shows the bloodthirsty nature of the dictator. It regards human shields, and the memo is sent from his son, Qusai.

Regarding the execution of Mr. President, Commander Saddam Hussein’s (God protect
him) orders, according to the decision of the Revolutionary Command Council on Friday,
March 4, 2003.

Transfer all Kuwaiti POW’s / a total of 448 captured Kuwaitis who are located at the Al-Nida
Al-Agher Prison and the Intelligence / General Center and Kazema Prison in Al-Kazema,
to make them human shields at all locations that are expected to be attacked by
the American aggressors. Put them in communication locations and essential ministries,
radio and television, Military Industrial Commissions, and all other locations expected to
be attacked by the criminal Anglo-American aggressors.

Transporting them should be in coordination with:

Intelligence Services Directorate
Republican Guard Chief of Staff
Under direct supervision of the Special Security Organization / Organization Security

Qusai Saddam Hussein
of the Republican Guard Secretariat
March 14, 2003

Kurdish human shields, in an attempt to utilize the bodies of those killed as "martyrs" for Hussien's propoganda machine. For Saddam, this killed--literally--two birds with one stong. Not only would he paint America as an uncaring nation--one willing to sacrifice innocent lives in their "illegal" war--but he would be rid of a people he despises and gassed in the late 1980s/early 1990s.

Yeah, I can see the Left's point all along regarding how "kind" and "generous" Saddam was to his people. So much so that he virtually guaranteed these people the quickest possible death allowed without using the gun himself. But if you think this is bad, bear in mind you've been given a taste of what is in the documents. We have already read the Iraqi Intelligence Service Mukhabarat report, which is pretty damning in and of itself. There is also this one which Michelle Malkin highlighted, and The Dread Pundit Bluto identified--within that document--a very familiar picture. That of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the al Qaeda commander in Iraq right now.

So much for not being there prior to our invasion, huh?

Publius II


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The spin, as I understand, is that the documents are false, forgeries. If this isn't believed, then the interpretation is faulty and if this isn't believed then the documents shows we are the bad guys. Dah. Rawriter

11:48 PM  

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