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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Immigration: The Debate Continues

I know I don't talk about this as often as some would like. Being in Arizona, we're both on the front lines of the debate over illegal immigration. And as our readers know, we read Michelle Malkin everyday. Today is no different as she addressed this issue. Before I proceed I want our readers to know this first and foremost:

I don't condemn the border patrol or ICE; I fully understand that their job is not the easiest, and they're doing their best. At least I know the border patrol is. I have misgivings about ICE, but I'm willing to cut it some slack regardless.

Today, an immigration protest was held in LA with illegal aliens and their advocates opposing the new, stricter immigration laws that are being proposed by Congress.

Elger Aloy, 26, of Riverside, a premed student, pushed a stroller with his 8-month-old son at Saturday's Los Angeles march.

"I think it's just inhumane. ... Everybody deserves the right to a better life," Aloy said of the legislation.

Yes, Mr. Aloy, everyone does "deserve" a better life. However, contrary to some people in this nation, we are not a nation of immigrants. We were built as a nation of immigrants. People from other countries moved here, but as Michelle Malkin points out, we are not a nation of immigrants; 85% of the people living here were born here. Their ancestors were here, yes, but they themselves aren't immigrants. I know my ancestors arrived here in the 1800s, but I am not an immigrant of Ireland, Scotland, England, or Germany. I am an American.

And as an American, I'm incensed that people would flout our laws as much as they. We are a nation of laws, and those laws need to be enforced. This includes--especially in the Global War On Terror--our borders. They are not only a national security issue, but an economic security issue. Illegal immigration costs this nation and the states they reside in billions every year. Pro-illegal immigration people could care less. They want no borders recognized at all. "Just be free, man." Thanks. No. I believe in the law, and the fact it must be upheld.

The president still hasn't given up his idea of the guest-worker/amnesty program, and that will continue to be a sticking point between myself and the president. Fine. Whatever. He's out of office in two years. If we can keep his measure from going into effect, we can concentrateon those running for his office; they must be informed that their constituents want the law followed.

When this issue arose in California, first with the drivers license fiasco, then later through ballot initiatives, the pro-illegal people chastised Gov. Schwarznegger because of his status as an immigrant. Arnold was quick to remind them that he was a legal immigrant. He didn't sneak into the country. He wasn't smuggled in here. He saved up his money, bided his time waiting, and came to America when he was allowed to. It gave him time to prepare for what it meant to be an American. And while his linguistic skills weren't the best when he arrived, it beat a number of those from Mexico that come here, illegally, without a lick of English known.

That is something that irritates me more than anything, I suppose. I recognize the need for immigration, and I can even see a return to guest worker status, as they had in California in the late-seventies/early-eighties. But those that would come here legally, and those wishing to come up here to work, I would expect to learn soemthing about the nation starting with the language of the land they will be in. Having rudimentary knowledge of it would be nice, but they take no initiative to do so.

If some people think this is a rant, it's not. It's reasoned. I'm an America. I want the laws followed; the same ones I have to follow everyday. If they choose not to follow them, then why should we let them into our nation? simply because they deserve better? For Mr. Aloy, I'd like to impart a level of common sense, and it's something I noticed growing up.

That which is given is never respected as much as something that is earned.

That's what I'm asking those from Mexico to do. Respect our laws, and earn your way here. You want to come here illegally, then don't complain when we use our laws to prosecute you.

Publius II


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