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Friday, March 24, 2006

Murdering Doctor In Iraq: Will The Media Cover This Bad News?

The MSM seems to be preoccupied with reporting body counts and bad news out of Iraq. Laura Ingraham was right to give the MSM a piece of her mind. Ms. Ingraham has just recently returned from Iraq, and where she does state that the going is a bit rough in Iraq, great steps are being taken by the fledgling democracy. And after seeing the progress over there, she has come back and provided a great deal of backlash at the MSM. Her exchange earlier this week on the Today Show was a prime example of the distaste she has for the press. She isn't the only one. We have heard from a number of those from Congress that have gone over and seen the progress, yet they state that the media isn't reporting it. So, yeah, I think that I'm entitled to ask that question--will they report on this--when it comes to the story in question:

When policemen, soldiers and officials in Kirkuk who were injured in insurgent attacks arrived in the emergency room of the hospital, they hoped their chances of surviving had gone up as doctors tended their wounds.

In fact, many of the wounded were almost certain to die because one of the doctors at the Republic Hospital was a member of an insurgent cell. Pretending to treat the injured men, he killed 43 of them by secretly administering lethal injections, a police inquiry has revealed.

"He was called Dr Louay and when the terrorists had failed to kill a policeman or a soldier he would finish them off," Colonel Yadgar Shukir Abdullah Jaff, a senior Kirkuk police chief, told The Independent. "He gave them a high dosage of a medicine which increased their bleeding so they died from loss of blood."

Dr Louay carried out his murder campaign over an eight to nine-month period, say police. He appeared to be a hard working assistant doctor who selflessly made himself available for work in any part of the hospital, which is the largest in Kirkuk.

He was particularly willing to assist in the emergency room. With 272 soldiers, policemen and civilians killed and 1,220 injured in insurgent attacks in Kirkuk in 2005, the doctors were rushed off their feet and glad of any help they could get. Nobody noticed how many patients were dying soon after being tended by their enthusiastic young colleague.

Dr Louay was finally arrested only after the leader of the cell to which he belonged, named Malla Yassin, was captured and confessed. "I was really shocked that a doctor and an educated men should do such a thing," said Col Jaff.

The murderous work of Dr Louay is symbolic of the ferocity of the struggle for the oil province of Kirkuk.

To quote a lawyer friend of mine, "I think he should be given a fair and speedy trial, and after guilt is decided, and judgment is passed, they ought to take this guy out behind the courthouse and crush his frelling skull against the wall." This doctor should consider himself lucky that he wasn't doing this to our soldiers; he might have been shot on the spot.

But yeah, I'd like to see the MSM tackle and spin this one. I'm sure it would be something along the lines of "look at the poor, not-listened-to doctor; look at how his people are mistreated. He must have some sort of justification for this act." Bravo-sierra. There is no justification for cold-blooded murder. If this guy was a real doctor--formally educated in a university--it makes me even sicker. I take oaths seriously, whether they be a simple promise, or a full-on vow (such as an oath of office, or the oath taken when in the military). The Hippocratic Oath is no different than any other, except, for some odd reason, doctors don't seem to face any punishment for breaking that oath.

In that oath is the provision that they will do no harm to their patients. America has had it's share of wars, and during wars we take care of not only our own, but also the enemy. They are a prisoner, and are subject to treatment in accordance with that status. That includes medical assistance. We seem to be the only nation on the face of the planet that seems to be able to abide by the rules of war, and do it in an unbiased way. To some that may be a detriment, but I believe it speaks volumes for the character of the nation.

What can we say about the character of Dr. Louay? We can say that he was a believer in the cause bent on tearing his new nation apart. We can say he sympathized with those trying to kill his fellow Iraqis. We can also say that he seemed to take a certain pleasure or zeal in the matter. And because of that, this man is a traitor to his nation, and is a murderer. He is no different than the insurgents still fighting Iraqi and coalition forces. And he should be treated as any other terrorist that has been caught. And if that involves his death, I've got no problem with it. As a matter of fact, I'd endorse such a move to send a clear message to the other sympathizers in Iraq that might have a yearning for a Taliban-like government in Iraq.

Publius II


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