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Friday, March 24, 2006

Jack Cafferty: Whiner Extraordinaire For CNN

Yes, the resident whiner-king of CNN was on again today, and here's a copy of his rant from the Situation Room.

JACK CAFFERTY, CNN ANCHOR: You know, I just have a question. I mean, part of the coverage, they don't like the coverage, maybe because we were sold a different ending to this story three years ago.

We were told that we'd be embraced as conquering heroes, flower pedals strewn in the soldiers' paths, a unity government would be formed, everything would be rosy this -- three years after the fact, the troops would be home. Well, it's not turning out that way.

And if somebody came into New York City and blew up St. Patrick's Cathedral and in the resulting days they were finding 50 and 60 dead bodies a day on the streets of New York, you suppose the news media would cover it? You're damn right they would.This is nonsense, it's the media's fault and the news isn't good in Iraq.

The news isn't good in Iraq. There's violence in Iraq. People are found dead every day in the streets of Baghdad. This didn't turn out the way the politicians told us it would. And it's our fault? I beg to differ.

I have no idea what story he believes he was sold, but I was told by the president that Iraq was a growing threat, and that when we invaded and deposed him that the people of Iraq would receive us as liberators. That's pretty much what I saw the day we rolled into Baghdad. Children ran up to our troops, happy to see a friendly face. Women blew kisses at them, or blessed them for their accomplishments. And a number of men made for the center of town to tear down a statue of Saddam Hussein. What more could be said of that day? What more can be said of how we are still treated in Iraq. We're not treated as occupiers, but as allies and friends of freedom and democracy.

The president never guaranteed we'd see the troops return home as quickly as Cafferty proclaims. No, I seem to remember the president reminding the nation--often in speeches--that this war will go on past his presidency, and that we would stay in Iraq until we were no longer needed. To leave now would be disastrous for the Iraqis, and suicidal for the US. We are engaging the enemy abroad so that we don't have to deal with them over here. People like Jack Cafferty and John Green obviously wished we hadn't gone to war; at least not in Iraq. They can offer every excuse to support their moonbat theories regarding the reasons we went into Iraq. None of them come close to the real reasons, and it's because they don't buy those reasons. They disavow the WMDs and WMD components we have found. They ignore the seemingly never-ending list of connections to al Qaeda that Saddam had. They claim that we have spun the reasons for going into Iraq.

Maybe lesser informed conservatives have, but not me. I know why we went, and I know what we've found. Cafferty can blow it out his @$$. The war didn't turn out the way that the politicians promised us? Please. Does Cafferty really believe that? What speeches was he paying attention to when the president told us--and his administration reinforced--that this war wasn't going to be easy? I heard the president. I heard Rummy. I heard Cheney and Dr. Rice. They all emphasized that this war was not going to be clean. It was going to be down and dirty. And they also said it was going to be long. If Cafferty was expecting this to be wrapped up in time for Bob Schieffer's nightly newscast, then he's a fool. Not an unlikely prospect, given some of his more idiotic statements, but a sad one nonetheless.

Cafferty needs to stand up and give his brain a rest.

Publius II


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