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Friday, March 24, 2006

More Senate GOP Lack Of Leadership

Over at Confirm Them there is news that the leaders of the Senate within the GOP have allowed the Democrats another victory. It seems that Judge Henry Saad has grown sick of waiting for the GOP to fulfill their promise of standing up for constructiionist jurists, and withdrawn himself as a nominee for the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Michigan Appeals Court Judge Henry Saad has withdrawn his nomination to a federal appeals court seat, capping more than four years of delays and partisan wrangling in the Senate over judicial appointments.

Saad, of Bloomfield Hills, was nominated to the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals three times, most recently in 2005, but a Senate agreement reached last May made no commitment to ending the filibuster blocking his nomination. He had been opposed by Democratic Sens. Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow.

Saad, 57, informed the White House on Wednesday that he was withdrawing his nomination, said Michigan Republican Party spokeswoman Sarah Anderson. White House spokesman Blair Jones confirmed that Saad had asked to have his name withdrawn.

This is intolerable. The GOP let Judge Saad dangle in the wind while they dithered away their opportunity to force a confrontation over these more-than-qualified jurists.

I'm tempted to let Tourette's take over and begin spewing obscenity, but I won't. Technically, I already did as soon as I saw this story. I can't believe that the GOP is damned spineless at times. We still have vacancies to be filled, and they won't even press the issue. Every single one of them should hang their heads in shame. Even the ones I like and appreciate have themselves to blame for not getting him back to the floor of the Senate.

We tolerated this issue long enough. I want this forced, no, rammed down the throats of the Democrats that we're not taking this crap any longer. It's time for the leadership in the GOP within the Senate to step up, locate a set of kishkas, and take it to the minority party that seems to delight itself by being obstructionists. It's time to hang the Democrats on their actions.

2006 is a make or break year for either side, and there will be plenty of the senators engaging in the usual "pick-me" game of party nominations for 2008. Right now, I'm none too pleased with my party. This is what the GOP needs to avoid this year. Get enough people like me who continually get frustrated at the dithering of our party, and have us simply not vote this time around. For some races that are depending on us to vote, that would be devastating. It could cost the GOP their majority in the Senate, and could close the gap in the House. Is that really what the GOP is striving for?

They're accomplishing it without even trying. From supporting the RINOs that are out of control in the Senate, to the lack of movement regarding judicial nominees, to negotiating with the Democrats over issues. Don't negotiate, force the issue. If it gets voted down, and is so repeatedly, then you go to the people and tell them "Hey! We're trying to work here and these fools keep blocking everything. Let them know you're not happy either!" No, they compromise, and then head out to the cameras, and pat each other on the back for working together. We watched it regarding the defense appropriations bill, where an ANWaR provision was removed, and over the now-watered-down Patriot Act. It's simply intolerable.

I'm still on the Not One More Dime campaign with Ed Morrissey. The RNC gets nothing from me this year, and I'mn sending my money to those I believe will help the GOP in Congress. That's in all cases but one; Lincoln Chafee is going even if we have to contribute to the Democrat. His time in DC is all said and done. His butt was done like dinner long before these last couple of years, but he's clearly not on the nation's side when it comes to the GOP platform regarding national security, the war, spending, and nominating solid, Constitutionally-minded jurists to the federal bench. Because of that, he's outta here.

But the GOP better take a close look at themselves. That goes for Frist, for Kyl, and for Santorum, too. These jurists in committee need to either pass out of committee to the Senate floor, or be defeated in committee, but they deserve their damn vote! So, I strongly urge the GOP to put their pines back in place and get something accomplished that's worthwhile while you're there. America's watching, and for a few it isn't looking too good right now.

It definitely isn't for Judge Henry Saad. I feel sorry for him. I really do. The man's been waiting since 2001 to find out if he can make it to the bench, and he's been dealt garbage by one side, and the other ever since then.

Publius II


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