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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Around the Blogosphere In Five Minutes Or Less

--Hugh Hewitt starts off the day with an op-ed in the WaPo from Wade Zirkle, who served two tours in Iraq before being wounded and sent home. His organization Vets for Freedom is the perfect foil for the Murtha/Hackett/Mother Sheehan moonbats.

--Captain Ed brings us word that the Arizona legislature has voted in favor of border enforcement (more on this at the end of the post). And he also notes that Kim Jong-Il has reacted to the news from Tehran regarding uranium enrichment. And in typical spoiled brat fashion, he's throwing a tizzy that he's not the focus of concern in the world right now. He notes that the EU and UN still can't seem to agree on a decision regarding Iran and their enrichment program. In my opinion a "carrot and stick" approach should be utilized; the agreement should be that they stop their enrichment or they're going to end up getting paddled like the petulant brats that they are.

--On the bright side, the guys at Cox And Forkum have a hilarious cartoon about Chirac's capitulation to the rioting kids in France. The title of the cartoon? Whinemaking, of course.

--Charles Johnson picks up more monbat nuttiness as Code Pink has called on the antiwar crowd to flood Kooky Uncle Kofi's office with letters demanding that Iran be allowed to have their nukes to prevent war with the United States (I'll touch on this below, as well). He also notes that Ahmadinejad came out and told the world that they simply have to get used to Iran being a nuclear power. Uh-huh. And I could get used to seeing Tehran as a pile of smoking rubble. And Wacky Gaddafi has decided to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Reagan's bombing operation of Tripoli by holding a gala celebration, and among the guests and performers is Loinel Richie. Oh, the shame, and how the might have fallen.

--Michelle Malkin isn't too happy with Comedy Centrals dhimmitude in refusing to show Mohammed on South Park. (Frankly, I gave up on that show a while ago; it just wasn't funny anymore). She also revisits the watermelon math problem which was racially insensitive towards Secretary of State, Dr. Condoleeza Rice. The university has refused to divulge the name of the professor involved, but she has two e-mailers who comment that not only was the problem obviously racist, but ignorant, as well; they correct the professor's formula he was trying to "teach."

--The ever-ready Glenn Reynolds has some quick links today, including ones from Gateway Pundit focusing on anti-Islamization marches in Malaysia, Tom Maguire's and Dan Riehl's reactions to Scooter Libby's retort for Fitzie-boy, and the Wall Street Journal's cutting and caustic op-ed in regard to the GOP's dithering over controlling spending in the House.

--Over at The American Thinker, Chris Adamo has some thoughts about the 2008 GOP strategy for the presidency.

--Colonel Austin Bay weighs in on Iran, and points to a Gerard Baker piece over at Real Clear Politics in reference to the coalition of the "unwilling" when it comes to Iran.

And now onto the two points I said I'd cover. First, to the immigration issue brought up by Capt. Ed. Marcie and I live in Arizona, and we've heard a lot of talk regarding illegal aliens here, and how we're going to deal with it. Just two short weeks ago, Gov. Napolitano ordered 100 National Guard troops to the border to surveil those sneaking in. Needless to say, it has done nothing to stem the tide. In 2004, voters approved Prop. 200, which was supposed to cut off virtually all taxpayers subsidies to illegal aliens, and force all people to show picture ID when voting. A recent election showed that the ID requirements aren't being upheld as voters were allowed to bring utility bills to show their residency in Arizona. Whoopty-doo. We have an unwilling governor and attorney general in Arizona when it comes to illegal immigration. Unfortunately for the people in Arizona, Napolitano will more than likely win her reelection bid this year because there is no solid GOP contender. All of those intending on unseating her are lagging far behind her at this point; as of this morning, the closest contender is still twelve points behind her.

As for the approved legislation, the governor revealed the letters from 12 law enforcement agencies and lead officers in the state urging her to veto the bill. The bill would allow local law enforcement to arrest illegal aliens under the criminal trespass laws for Arizona. Some lawmakers have stated that if this is enacted, the aliens will probably avoid Arizona, or move out quickly. I doubt this, and I'll tell you why. Every time a new law is enacted which would crack down on illegal immigration, it works for a short time, but quickly falls by the wayside. That is how we got into this mess, again, when it comes to illegal immigration. a lot of people gave up, or were told to give up by their superiors. So, I'm not holding my breath regarding this legislation. Like everything else that comes out of the politicos in Arizona, it's a joke.

The second thing I said I'd touch on was the Code Pink nutters that Charles highlighted. These people are sending, and urging others to send (provided you are an antiwar moonbat) letters to Kofi Annan that are calling for the UN to allow Iran to continue it's enrichment program, and if they build nukes, oh well. To these village idiots I have to say I have never heard of a more brain-dead idea in my life. They would rather we let Iran get nukes on the hopes that they wouldn't light one off. Of course, they pooh-pooh Ahmadinejad's statement that he's going to destroy Israel with a nuke when they obtain the ability to build one. (It's not lost on them; they dislike Israel, and therefore could care less about the possible destruction of an ally.) And to top it off, they think if we let Iran have nukes that there won't be a war. What kind of moronic assessment is that? If Iran gets nukes, and they decide to strike a nation with said nuclear weapon, what do they think the world's response is going to be, sit in a circle and sing kumbaya? Hell no, they'll watch Iran turn into a quiet little neighborhood, and an extremely large sheet of glass, very quickly. The nutters in the antiwar movement are free to speak their mind, but I question the idea of them ever possessing a mind to formulate thoughts, thereby allowing them their speech. Lord knows Mother Moonbat has nothing coherent to say.

Publius II


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