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Saturday, April 29, 2006

John McCain: An Inept Fool On Any Ticket

(Hat-Tip: Captain Ed Morrissey.)

Let me start by stating that we dislike John McCain. We make no bones about this. Senator John McCain, in our humble opinion, has been an embarressment to the state of Arizona for a long time. He has also been a blemish in the Senate that seems to not comprehend when it is time to stop, and shut up. Of course his actions are nearly identical to the cadre of career loafers sitting in Congress right now. He loves the microphone. He kisses the camera, and because of both, the MSM loves to fawn over him.

Remember that the mental midgets in the MSM made him the maverick he mimics today.

But through Captain Ed, and Mark Tapscott, we have learned of a more grave misgiving than ever when it comes to this doddering and dithering senator. The following comes from the Don Imus Show:

"He [Michael Graham] also mentioned my abridgement of First Amendment rights, i.e. talking about campaign finance reform....I know that money corrupts....I would rather have a clean government than one where quote First Amendment rights are being respected, that has become corrupt. If I had my choice, I’d rather have the clean government."

This seals the deal. Not only do we not want him ANYWHERE near the Oval Office, but we would like to see him thoroughly and handily defeated in 2010.

Thomas and I respect the Constitution more than anything else in the world (except maybe each other), and we ardently stand in its defense each and every day some moron questions it. That goes double for Senator McCain. He would rather see clean government than the First Amendment.

FYI, Senator McCain, "government" will NEVER be clean. It is not the money that corrupts absolutely in politics. It is the power, and with Senator McCain, we are looking at a powerful senator. We are also looking at a solid liar. This man tries to pawn himself off as a "Reagan Conservative."

And I am sure every time he says that, President Reagan rolls over in his grave.

He is nowhere near the caliber of man that President Reagan was, and could only hope to all that is holy that he might be 1/32nd as great a man. But he is not. He has made his fair share of mistakes, which has thoroughly irritated the base. As a tip to Hugh Hewitt, and his theory about the GOP, Senator John McCain represents one of the problems that voters have, and they are turned off by his antics. This is one of those times right now.

Do not misunderstand us. We apprecitate Hugh's insight when it comes to taking the steps necessary to ensure the Democrats keep losing. BUT, the cause would be better served by replacing the more-often-than-not-off-the-reservation moderates with conservatives. People whom the voters will trust, and accept. Not everyone can be pleased all the time, and while we do agree with Hugh that there is plenty of room under the tent for moderates, people like John McCain are not moderates.

They remind me of liberal Republicans of the past that were tossed out a while back. That time has come for John McCain. ANY ELECTED representative that proclaims that he is willing to sacrifice my rights--Thomas', Sabrina's, ANYONE'S--is not one that I want in office any longer. His campaign finance reform was a disaster from the word "go." A Titanic-sized disaster that the president not only signed into law, but a twacked Supreme Court upheld. It was a dark day for our freedom of speech when the Supreme Court found no problem with the CFR law in McConnell. We did. We were incredibly incensed.

My rights are not for sale. They also are not for opportunistic politicians to be toying with. When Hugh started bringing up the fact that "6 out of 10" times, Senator Mccain "gets it right," we sat back and thought about it. We cannot get over it. The passage of CFR, the creation of the Gang of 14 (which created extra-Constitutional powers to a select few in the Senate when it comes to judicial nominees), and now this quote has seled it for us.

He does not get reelected in 2010 in Arizona. We will fight tooth-and-nail, doing our best, to make sure he is defeated. Even if it means having to go the Lincoln Chafee route, and contributing to the Democrat, we want this man out of office.

And he does not EVER make it into the Oval Office. The only time we EVER want to see this man behind the president's desk is if he pays his two bits, and it part of a tour group. If, by some miracle (going off the current political situation) a Republican is elected in 2008 (and God help us if one is not), then I would freeze John McCain out completely. If I were the president, I would make it plainly clear that I would not deal with him or speak with him. He has hurt the party long enough, and if he is elected in 2008 as president, he will have the ability to inflict possible irrevocable harm to the party.

The Bunny ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have this feeling that the msm is going to try to dictate who will be the candidates. McCain and Hillary are the msm candidates. Heaven help us! Rawriter

1:29 AM  

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