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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Art Imitates Life

For all the regular readers to our site, you get to view the cartoon we have at the top of the page. That's Chris Muir's outstanding strip, "Day by Day." Marcie and I enjoy reading Chris's work everyday, and today is no exception.

Above we see the story of a party united, they just don't know where that united front is against. EVERYONE in the party seems to have their own ideas regarding who is the danger to America. Is it Wal-Mart? Is it SUVs? Hell, is it global warming? No, they have no clue. But the GOP does.

It's being reported through Allah Pundit at Hot Air that Lincoln Chafee has, unfortunately, won his primary fight, and Michael Steele has won his primary bid with 87% of the vote. Chafee's victory is a blow to the party. The man doesn't belong in our tent. It's that simple. He has so many strikes against him that it's not funny. He refused to vote for the president, he refused to vote in favor of the war, and he was against both Justice Alito and Chief Justice Roberts.

And, of course, he recently became the biggest s**t-bird in the party with his hold on Bolton's confirmation vote. That's it. That's the last straw. Because he won, that means the base must suck it up and throw their support to the Democrat. Anything is preferable to Lincoln Chafee. I'll take a corpse. Hell, I'll take Mrs. O'Leary's dead cow. At least the cow has more appeal, is better looking, and seemingly more intelligent.

But can anyone remind us on the right exactly what the democrats are campaigning on? As yet these people have unveiled nothing. And the subjects they are campaigning on--when called on it--they deny it. They are in favor of withdrawal from Iraq. Ned Lamont attempted to crucify Joe Lieberman for his unwavering support of the war. And when called on their apparent antiwar stance, they proclaim it is merely dissent, which is patriotic.

Dissent is one thing. They have stuck their noses in the middle of the NSA Terrorist Surveillance Program. This is a program that is not only quite legal, but it's also a valuable weapon in our arsenal against the terrorists. They question "secret" prisons in Europe. These are the same prisons that are holding the nastiest or more worthwhile targets captured by our forces. They throw a hissy fit over their "abusive" treatment at Gitmo. Rice pilaf? Being read Harry Potter books? Being told what time it is to pray? Yes, I guess they would consider that "torturous," but if that is what keeps them in line and off the battlefield, then so be it. The Democrats don't get it.

No offense. I have many friends that are Democrats. We don't usually discuss politics. They're sick of losing the arguments. And their argument for wanting to rid themselves of a Republican controlled Congress is that the Congress isn't doing it's job. Excuse me? Congress has acted in the proper accordance to their constitutional powers regarding war. They have declared it. They are funding it. The troops are winning it. What more do they have to do with it? They do not have the Article II powers of the president. They are not the "commander-in-chief," and they do not command the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines. The president does. He calls the shots.

So as far as the troops in Iraq are concerned, they can try to pass it all they want, but the people realize what is at stake with how the Democrats are acting. They aren't acting rational, at all, and that is what happens when you let the radicals run the asylum. that's where they're at right now. My Democrat friends aren't even close to the level of nuttiness that these people possess. They'll acknowledge that there were mistakes in Iraq, but even they shrug when I ask what they'd do differently now. They may not have an idea, but they add that withdrawal of the troops is not the answer.

And that ought to really scare the Hell out of the Democrats this year. Their "mom-and-pop" base is abandoning them. The giant leap that Joe Lieberman received the moment he filed as an Independent shows two things ifor the Democrats. You have your nuts on primary day, but the good man in the race has the base; the base has the same reaction as my Democrat friends. Pulling the troops will not work to our advantage. It will give all the momentum to our enemies, and they will lie low and bide their time until we are gone.

The other stance that the Democrats have voiced is the impeachment of the president. They believe, by God, that they have him for "high crimes and misdemeanors," and they want to move forward on their articles. But they need BOTH Houses of Congress, and they're not taking both. I doubt they will take one. They most definitely need the House so they can pass their impeachment articles. But there's a catch. They need a two-thirds majority in the House to get that impeachment. They may gain a sear or two, but it will not be the monumental swing they think it's going to be. They just don't have it.

And it's because they've got no message. Other than what I've already touched on here and in other posts. They miss the boat each and every time. There are a few who understand it, but they really aren't as well known as Joe Lieberman; a man who was the Democrat's choice for Vice President in 2000. But they are there. Evan Bayh is another senator who seemed to get it most of the time. When it comes to the defense of the nation, these men could be counted on. But the nutroots campaign of the Democrat Party has basically stated "we don't care about the defense of the nation." These people celebrated the postponement of the Patriot Act's renewal. They were against a no-nonsense guy going to the UN to represent America. They celebrated Judge Anne Talyor Diggs' recent court decision that ruled the president's NSA surveillance program was unconstitutional. With instances such as this, is it any wonder why people are questioning their motives right now?

We're not calling their patriotism into question. We're telling them that they're dead wrong. With an emphasis on the dead part. And the message they're emanating isn't going to go over well in November. Art does imitate life, and under the studious pen of Chris Muir, it can mock the utter idiocy of it. Unless they locate a platform, and one that resounds well witht he voters, they're going to lose again in November.

Publius II


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