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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Sobering Reminders For The American Public

Something dawned on me today. "The Path To 9/11" which is being shown on ABC Sunday and Monday nights, has come under intense criticism from former Clinton Administration officials, and the former president himself. They have characterized this film as "full of lies," and has been deemed a piece of right-wing propoganda. Could this not have been expected from the administration that was obviuously asleep at the switch when our enemy was targeting us? I will grant Sandy Berger his complaint the ONE particular scene that didn't happen. (That he never nixed the kill on bin Laden.) Even former 9/11 commissoner Thomas Kean stated that that particular scene had to go, or be changed.

But the rest of the film paints a olemn picture for BOTH sides of the aisle. It isn't light on President Bush either. It paints both presidents as not being prepared for such an attack, and that they had no idea that this was about to happen. But that means that Clinton wasn't the only one refusing to take note of this. So did Bush. But the statements by those same people that terrorism was in the forefront of their agenda--that they were taking it serious--is a farce. Dick Morris states in "Fahrenhype 9/11"--the counterpunch to Michael Moore's "crockumentary"--that the Clinton Administration didn't want to deal with the issue. That isn't to say that Clinton did nothing. Sometimes he did, and however inept it was, it was action. (Granted, it was also always a day late and a dollar short.)

But what dawned on me was this: Right now the Democrat Party is campaigning on the idea that the Clinton idea of dealing with al Qaeda was the right one. That involves ingnoring these animals as they bang on our gates. That mean acting with incompetance; utilizing intelligence either not reliable, or taking too long to respond to opportunities. Clinton tended to think a little too long and hard on these sorts of decisions. And indecision in this day and age is exactly what this nation doesn't need.

So here's the point as I toddle off to bed, this year when the elections come around, remember this little episode by the Democrats to whitewash one man's image for PR purposes only. The public has a right to see a reminder of the policies that led us up to 11 September. Regardless of the changes that have occurred, the rest of the movie is damning enough that people should think twice about the other party this year. The policies represented in this docudrama reflect what was accepted for about nine years. We, as citizens, need to remind our government that WE come first. They're the ones tasked with that job.

And the Clinton Administration did a p**s-poor job of it. I'm sorry to those Clinton defenders out there, but it's true. Has Bush done better? Well, maybe they can answer that on their own. Who took al Qaeda attack after attack before responding in a half @$$ed manner? And who resolutely brought the nation together to meet the threat that al Qaeda presented? (Here's a hint, they go in order of being elected.) I think Pres. Bush has done a better job at protecting this nation and her interests abroad since 11 September. He gets it. For the most part the GOP gets it (except Looney Lincoln Chafee), and they have stayed the course. The Democrats have don their damndest to break down our defenses by questioning nearly every step taken in the war.

In the end, our remembrance of 11 September should start with remembering how the other views our enemies, and how our side views them. They want them arrested and tried through our criminal justice system. Understand that? They still believe their actions are crimes, and not acts of war. We are at war. These bastards caused the devestation in New York, in Washington, DC, and in Pennsylvania. And we should issue warrants and arrest them? I think not. I prefer they die before we do, and a vote fo rthe Democrats this coming November is a vote for a vulnerable nation.

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