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Friday, September 08, 2006

The Path To Appeasement

And who says that Democrats do not learn new tricks. Thjis one comes straight out of the al-Qaeda handbook. If you do not like what a broadcast entity is showing, threaten their license, and they will cave to pressure. That is what ABC did yesterday,a dn I was incensed over it. I could not beleive ABC or the Democrats.

The Democrats should be ashamed of themselves. They claim to be the partry of tolerance, and a defender of the Bill of Rights. Yet their unsavory and extortion-like tactics yesterday proved that they are neither. Their tolerance only goes so far. Oh, it is all right for Hollywood to make movies celebrating the Communists in America, and to rip up Joe McCarthy but it is not all right to put together a film from the historical record and show it. Why can ABC not do that? Because the movie will make President Clinton look bad.

I have news for the Democrats: It does not paint a rosy picture of Preisdent Bush either, yet there is no high-pitched outcry or tantrum from our side of the aisle. What is it with the Democrats inability to grasp the truth? As children did these people argue with the history teacher about the record because they did not like how things were presented. (Actually they did not do it then, they did it after they were long out of school, and started tweaking the curriculum; and what a wonderfully disastrous job they have done.)

So, like petulant brats they throw a temper-tantrum, and start making threats. Had I been ABC I would have told them off. Roll the dice and take the chance. Let America see the unfounded witch-hunt the Democrats were on. This is their party. This is how they act. This is how the pull the strings. This is all this party has. Their leaders are extortion artists, and probably some of the bestr in the world. The only thing that may backfire on them is that the public knows they were behind this.

That does not look good to the public. People like Thomas and I would like to see ethics investigations of people like Sen. Reid whose website boasts the headline "Senate Democratic Leadership Urges Disney CEO to Cancel Misleading 9/11 Miniseries." Should this be the actions of a United States senator sworn to uphold the Constitution. What of the right to free speech, which this movie was, after all. What about the public making the determination of whether this is based on the historical record, or whether this is "misleading?"

What ever happened to the public deciding things for itself? Or have the Democrats finally come out of the closet and admitted they do not want the public thinking for themselves?We know that the dinoaur media thinks that way, which is why they slant story after story to achieve the emotional response they desire. Are the Democrats now admitting the same?

If I were a Democrat I would be appalled by this behavior. I would seriously have to sit back and question my leaders. What they have done is commit an act of extortion. "Pull it or else," they were told. And unfortunately, ABC Entertainment caved. After all, they would not want their license pulled, and that is the veiled threat that was leveled at them.

But to pull a license is no easy task. In fact there are hearings--public hearings--involved in such a governmental move, and there must be a reason why the license would be pulled. The Democrats lack the fortitude to go through with said public hearings, and like their consistent talk about impeachment for the president, and their apparent lack of a charge, they also lack a solid reason for pulling ABC's license. Talk about the abuse of elected power.

I wish I could urge our readers to contact ABC and tell them NOT to alter the miniseries, but ABC has already made its bed. Now it can lie in it. And this move by them could very well be the start of an avalanche of backlash against the Democrats. This year's elections were going to be tight enough as it was, and both sides had to keep their noses clean to win out the way they had predicted. The Republicans showed their mettle with the passage of the Coburn/Obama Transparency Bill. Senator Frist was a driving force behind getting it to the floor and getting it passed.

The Democrats, on the other hand, had a tizzy over a docudrama. Do the Democrats even know what the term "docudrama" means? It means that the movie in question is a dramatization. That all the facts involved in the telling of the story are accurate, but some things in the movie had to be "recreated;" in other words, there was no record to go off of. And those recreations were backed up by a historical record (and such an eye-opening one by Occupied Terroritory) that shows they were well within the confines of history when they made this movie.

Were there some legitimate gripes fromthe Left? Sure. The whole conversation that Sandy Berger was throwing a hissy fit about was one of them. But ABC told them all that there would be a disclaimer at the beginning that this film was not a "documentary" but rather a "docudrama." But that was not good enough for the Left. They wanted it changed or pulled, and they threatened ABC to get their way.

Petulant brats, the lot of them. And I hope that their petty antics, coupled with their inability to accept the fact that there is such a thing in this nation as freedom of speech, will be the tipping point come this November. Our "net-roots, Right-Roots" campaign had better hammer the Democrats on this. They truly have walked away from protecting our rights to extorting those they disagree with. Free speech and dissent mean nothing to them; to them I am sure that those need to be fought harder than the terrorists abroad.

This is positively disgusting. And ABC should be ashamed of itself. I would shame the Democrats as well, but they have proven to the nation that they have none.


Addendum: Drudge has a reminder for the public about the controversial CBS docudrama "The Reagans." This comes from B & C (Broadcasting and Cable)

Some Democrats on the Hill did weigh in, however. Rep. John Dingell who knocked heads with the Reagan White House in the 1980s, couldn't resist tweaking outraged Republicans and sent Moonves a letter expressing his own "concern" prior to the cancellation announcement. The final cut, Dingell, said should include "$640 Pentagon toilet seats, ketchup as a vegetable, trading arms for hostages" and other scandals that plagued the Reagan administration.

Senate Minority leader Tom Daschle later called the decision to pull the show "appalling." CBS "totally collapsed," he told National Public Radio.

My, my, my how times have changed. In 2003 it was "appalling." In 2006--just three years later--it becomes standard practice for the Democrats. Will anyone on the Democrat side come out an state what Mr. Daschle said? That this is applalling and that ABC "totally collapsed" from pressure, and then point the finger at his own party?

I am not holding my breath on that.



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