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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Colorado's Amendment 43, And The Clueless Media

Hugh Hewitt brings this subject to our attention because of the media's spin on an anti-43 ad being run. And Dan Haley of the Denver Post proclaimed the ad to be "the best ad" of this election cycle. What is Amendment 43? I'm glad you asked. The proposal on the ballot states that this is an amendment defining marriage. It's a simple little sentence:

"Only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in this state."

Now, before anyone goes off half-cocked, in my humble opinion, amendments like this need to be adopted by states that believe that marriage is between a man and woman only. (Ahem, hello? I just participated in a beautiful ceremony about four weeks ago for the kids.) With lawyers willing to take up cases from homosexuals demanding marriage rights (which is just plain stupid because there is no right to marriage in the Constitution), and overturning state laws through the state courts, such measures are necessary.

The states, the last time I checked, do still have the right to decide such issues, under the Tenth Amendment. But these yay-hoos think that they can do what they want, when they want, and the populace be damned. But Haley's opinion of the ad (which is linked at Hugh's site, and is a terrible, unfunny, and scurrilous ad) reveals just how far out of the mainstream journalists and their trade have become. Right now, 43 is looking like it will pass. And yet the media is doing their best to hype the anti- side of the issue. I'm surprised they haven't run an ad yet accusing the voters of Colorado of being like the intolerant Islamicists we're fighting. Of course, there are still a couple weeks left before the election, so I wouldn't put it past these clowns.

Media people like Haley claim to have "the pulse of the nation" ready at their fingertips. I'm wondering if they can even feel the slowed pulse of the Left right now. I'm doubting that they can, or that they'll even acknowledge that their ideology is on life-support after the upcoming elections. But Haley's disingenuous praise of this ad speaks volumes for the voters of Colorado. Worse, it speaks volumes to the nation as reader's of the Post will attest. Instead of doing their job, they opt to do campaign work in a biased manner, and on the pages of their news outlets. Hugh beat the ever-living snot out of the Strib's Eric Black over the seemingly obvious bias from the media towards Democrats this year. He couldn't get Black to admit the bias, but what can we say when we see the bias for ourselves.

Dan Haley attacks the Colorado Marriage Amendment. Eric Black refuses to take Patty Wtterling to task. The media virtually ignores Claire McCaskill's nasty attack ad filled with lies towards Jim Talent. They're ignoring the scandal erupting around Robert Menendez in New Jersey. They completely ignored Harold Ford, Jr.'s crashing of Bob Corker's press conference. They turn a blind eye to statements made by people like Jon Tester, who speak of repealing the Patriot Act. And then they completely refuse to cover the nasty attacks on Michael Steele, despite the fact that many have attacked him based on his race.

If this is what the media calls unbiased reporting and analysis, then they are in worse shape than the Democrats. Their numbers in circulation, subscriptions, and advertising dollars lost speak louder than their gaffe-filled commentary. Dan Haley should be ashamed of himself for the blatant liberal bias in his analysis, but he isn't. He's proud of the hatchet job he endorsed. He finds nothing wrong with the anti-43 ad. And that might be saddest part of this whole issue.

The media simply has no clue who they're talking to, and could care even less. They're still running on the idea that Hugh presented. That the GOP is full of a bunch of stupid people who are easily manipulated, and can't multitask. The funny thing is that we aren't, and we do a much better job than we're ever given credit for. As a lawyer myself, were I a Colorado voter, I'd stand up for my rights and the state's rights, and I'd vote in favor of Amendment 43. It may be the only chance the nation has in ending these frivolous lawsuits which have no merit whatsoever.

Sabrina McKinney


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I remember, I will ask chatter Frzn about this provision. She is a Lawyer. She also hangs out in The Shed. Someone mentioned that under the 9th, Amendment that is not the appeal court, anything is Constitutional if you want it to be. The one sentence measure should have pursuant to the 9th added. Rawriter

6:25 AM  

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