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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Foley Fallout Part II

I wasn't going to do this, but Drudge has the following two headlines at the top of his page; This information broke hours ago, and is rippling through the blogosphere. It seems that we were right to question trhe Foley case:



The Passionate America gets the kudos for headline #1. It was done through solid investigative reporting and reasonable deductions. It also led to headline #2 where it was deduced, through the same sort of investigative work, that the puported e-mails took place between two adults. Yes, I said adults. Jordan Edmund, who has been identified as one of the Mark Foley instant messengers, was 18 at the time of the correspondance.

While this doesn't absolve Mr. Foley (the initial boy he was doing this with was puportedly 16 at the time), it does show that he was anything but a sexual predator. Sexual predators are extremely picky about their victims. One of the easiest ways to describe it is it's a lot like a fetish. Most pedophiles have a set criteria for what they look for in children. They rarely, if ever, deviate from this pattern. It's been proven by repeat offenders that the vast majority, when they fall back into the criminal behavior, make the same choices in regard to children that they did before.

Am I saying that he's not a molester? Absolutely not because there's no information with regard to either side--whether he is or isn't a molester. I can't speak to that. I'm not him. I'm not the doctor or psychological professional helping him. What I am trying to do is make sure that the facts stay in line here. After all, the Democrats dove head first into this scandal. So much so that Captain's Quarters caught Patty Wetterling overplaying "her hand" in regard to the Foley scandal by issuing the following statement in a campaign ad:

It shocks the conscience. Congressional leaders have admitted to covering up the predatory behavior of a congressman who used the internet to molest children.

Let's get a couple things straight here, shall we? NO CONGRESSIONAL LEADER HAS ADMITTED ANY SUCH THING. No one admitted to covering anything up. Second, as I pointed out above, nothing has come to light that shows that Foley molested anyone. While he exhibits some predatory behavior, he acts nothing like a child molester. It is extremely disingenuous of Ms. Wetterling to even front this accusation. She should be retracting that, and apologizing for the borderline slanderous statement.

Finally, we have a report regarding the blog that supposedly released these documents. Radar Online did the digging, and came up spades:

ABCNews.com brought Mark Foley's boy-chasing to national attention, but it wasn't the first website to flog the story. That dubious honor belongs to StopSexPredators, a pseudo-vigilante blog filled with plagiarized, hastily-assembled posts, which no one seems to have heard of, visited, or linked to before last week—and whose operator has a suspiciously savvy grasp of the news cycle.

In other words, a blog whose sole raison d'etre seems to have been to get the Foley ball rolling.

I warned you, dear readers, that there was more to this than met the eye. It would seem that the new media of blogs, with hard-nosed, tenacious reporting, has proven the theory right. At this point, far too much stinks in regard to this scandal. And there are more questions emerging about these e-mails and IMs, where the CREW group got them from, and where this sexual predator psuedo-site got them from. Far too much of this scandal seems planned and coordinated. Not well cooordinated, as the Democrat's foolish behavior shows, but this is definitely shaping up to the be the "October surprise" we were all waiting for.

The timing could have been a little better, like late in the month, but for those who have a load of bull to blow, it's hard to keep the urge to release it under control. Because this came out with five weeks to go in the election, and the bloggers are crushing the reliability of those who are hyping this scandal, this is going to blow over fairly quickly, and with little or no damage done to the Republican candidates running for reelection. Had this happened later--closer to the election, this might have done more damage.

The other drawback the Democrats are facing from this revelation is the more they push it with their talking points, the more America is turned off by it. The public isn't stupid (okay, some are, but I can't help the moonbats) and they can see when something seems to be orchestrated from the word go. And it appears to them, based on the Democrat reactions, and the secrecy by those releasing the information that this all looks planned. For a victory, the Democrats should have kept their mouths shut.

Sabrina McKinney


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The bloggers are doing a good job. I've said that Soros or the DLC is behind this. C.R.E.W. is one of Soros's outfits. It wouldn't surprise me that a member of Congress, besides Foley, isn't involved. Many owe their political life to Soros's money. Hopefully the FBI will follow all leads. I know the bloggers will. Rawriter

12:02 AM  

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